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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Pete's first AAR: Australians vs DAK

AAR BY PETE. This is Pete's first post, but I am posting it as he sent it to me for editing. -Steven

Aussies vs. DAK. 1,500 points. Games and Stuff in Glen Burnie, 11/1/10
Mission : Deep Battle


Inf platoon + mortar
Inf platoon
Inf platoon
MG platoon - one section
Carrier patrol + .50 cal - one section
Mortar platoon - two sections
Royal Artillery AT Platoon - 2x 6pdrs
Royal Artillery platoon - 8 guns. Ooh-rah.

HQ + panzerknackers + 2x MG34
Schutzen platoon + pak38
Schutzen platoon + pak38
Schutzen platoon + pak38
2 Bisons
2 Dianas
Nebelwerfer platoon
1 heavy panzerspah platoon
Light AA platoon
3 Panzer IV E

The DAK deployed boldly on the Aussies left flank, ready to strike at the first objective to try and limit deployment of the inevitable reinforcements.

The Aussies deployed two infantry platoons with an attached MG apiece. One was stationed on the forward objective, with the other platoon able to contest the two farther back objectives.

As the preliminary bombardment lifted, the Aussies must have dug thier foxholes deeply, as not a single stand was lost.

The DAK rushed forward, making alot of noise but causing no casualties. The nebelwerfers failed to range in on the no longer gone to ground lead platoon, while the Bisons fared no better - even though the ranged in on the first attempt.

The Aussies responded in kind by letting loose with the full fury of an 8 gun 25pdr battery.

As the smoke cleared 4 german infantry stands laid strewn about the craters. Aussies draw first blood! Huzzah!

The Germans try and renew the offensive, their commander shouting his rally cry!

Nope. This was to be a sign of the rest of the game!

Germans surge forward, pressing on regardless of casualties. The lead platoon is assaulted by the 3 Panzer IV E's to no effect. The Aussies, after three rounds of combat fail to pass thier morale test, even though they suffer no casualties, and pull off the objective.

Renewed, and perhaps embarrased, the lead platoon assault the Panzer IV E's.

Perhaps flush with victory, the Panzers underestimate the power of a fully armed and functional battle sta...erm Australian platoon. The Panzers are driven off the objective that they had just taken in one round of combat - with no casualties on either side.

The sound of 25pdrs again carries on the desert wind, and when things go silent the Schutzen platoon escorting the Dianas pushing up the left flank are gutted. The 25pdrs have been spot on this battle so far! Huzzah!

The very next turn the Panzer IV's assault the same platoon that they've been scuffling with the entire game.

This time, the Australians are driven back in a frenzy of Machine guns, moving tracks, and sheer German guts, the only thing preventing a total disaster is one Panzer IV being bailed in combat, and subsequently getting blown up by very close supporting fire from the 25pdrs.

Australian reserves arrive in the form of an infantry platoon and the 6pdrs - threatening the flanks of the aggressive Panzer IV E's/

nebelwerfers finally manage to land a barrage on the clumped up Australian reserve platoon threatening the lead objective. All were hit, but only one stand failed to heed the shouted warnings.

The carrier platoon arives from reserve on the opposite flank and blows away the unprotected Dianas, stripped of thier infantry escort by the 25pdrs while the 6pdrs punish the Panzer IV E's with some wicked flank shots!

On what ended up being the last turn of this game was kicked off by the 25pdrs opening up a punishing barrage on the infantry platoon, and supporting AA guns, that were sitting on the lead objective.

Before the smoke had even cleared, the Australians led by thier Company Commander, charged into the stunned and pinned Germans! Only one infantry stand fell to defensive fire while two stands were felled by the furious Aussies in close combat.

Four violent rounds later it was just the two opposing Company Commanders squaring off, bodies of thier comrades scattered about amongst the detrious of war.

Australians are victorious! Not only did they hold three objectives, but also forced a Company Command Morale check, and since the German Commander was beat to death by a surly Australian the Germans automatically failed.


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