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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Italian Bersaglieri vs US Armor in Encounter

I did a whole lot on Veteran's day! I got in a game of FOW with Luke, a game of Check Your 6! with Joe, and recorded a new episode of the Podcast!

I started my day with a good game of Encounter in Tunisia vs Luke. He ran US Armor and I ran Bersaglieri!

HQ (2x Shermans)
4x Shermans
5x M5 Stuarts
Armored Rifles
Armored Rifles
Armored Mortars
75mm SPTD (1 section)

(CT & CV) 2 Full Bersaglieri w/ Passaglia Bombs (no Solothurns)
(CV) Demolishers
(CV) 75mm Cannon Platone
(CV) 5x M14/41
(CT) Semovente 75

Deployment. I stuck Bersaglieri (CT) in the bottom center, and both the 75s and Bersaglieri just off screen to the right. Luke started with shermans in his top right, Stuarts on the road, and Armored Rifles in the top left.

Bersaglieri hunker down.

Bersaglier and 75s hold down the right flank.

Shermans get ready to roll out.

Stuarts ride shoulder to shoulder

Armored rifles sit on an objective.

Stuarts roll out! But the Italians got the first turn and managed to dig in.

Top of 2.

After getting lit up by Elefentinos, the Stuarts pull back to focus on just 1 gun.

Armored rifles come rolling out!

The Bersaglieri take losses- an elefentino and an HMG go down!

Top of 3.

Stuarts push deep into Italian territory!

Stuarts boldly assault the Italians- forcing them back!

Top of 4. Italian reserves arrive- Semoventes roll in.

Semoventes get side shots on the Stuarts… and bail 2.

The Stuarts keep pushing!

And assault the Bersaglieri! In the face of tanks, the Bersaglieri break and flee the field. The Stuarts hold the Italian objective!

Top of 5. Note the armored rifles pushing up into the cross-rad.

The Stuarts get ready to face a shitstorm. Demolishers and M14s arrive from reserve.

The results are predictable. Stuarts are evaporated.

75mm SPTDs arrive from reserve and snipe a Semovente!

The Semoventes retaliate and wipe out the 75s. The 2 infantry teams are left hidden.

Demolishers race forward with a succesful avanti move under a smoke barrage to assault some Armored Rifles!

The Demolishers take the central building.

But consolidate behind the building!

Top of 6. Armored Rifles arrive in the top right.

The Armored Rifles attempt to retake the building, but are again pushed back in assault.

Top of 7. Note the Demolishers pushing into the large centralized building, and the M14s and Semoventes moving into the T intersection.

Semoventes get lucky and knock out the remnants of the 75mm SPTD platoon! Scratch another yank platoon!

The Armored rifles are mowed down in a hail of MG fire, but the 3 remaining stands live on.

3 M14s go down- including the platoon leader. But he comes back as the unknown hero and jumps into 1 of the 2 remaining M14s!

Top of 8. Luke's Armored Rifles in the top right double time left to back up the Shermans.

With the right objective uncovered, Bersaglieri move out.


The 75s range in on the Shermans, but lack the punch to do any real damage.

Top of 8.

Mortars back up the Sherman gun line.

Bersaglieri keep pushing up the right flank.

Top of 9. The Shermans have shifted left.

Demolishers assault the recovery vehicle left behind and push forward.

Bersaglieri and the M14s continue up the right flank.

half tracks with bazooka teams mounted come forward to MG the Bersaglieri.

2 Bersaglieri teams are knocked out, but the unit remains unpinned.

The Shermans boldly assault the Demolishers in the buildings! The Demolishers are ultimately knocked out, but at the cost of 3 Shermans including the company commander!

Top of 10. The US are now down the 75s and Stuarts. Italians are out Bersaglieri and Demolishers.

Most of the Bersaglieri remain stationary, ready to open up.

The return fire is fairly effective on the yanks.

The 75s range on the Shermans. One tank is bailed forcing a check- and the platoon runs leaving just the 2iC!

Top of 11.

M14s and Bersaglieri surround the Armored Rifles.

MG and 47mm rounds rip apart the Yanks.

Who fail their motivation check and break. The Italians are left holding an objective, but the American company breaks without the leadership of the CO.

Very good, exciting battle!

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