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Friday, November 26, 2010

Guest Book Review: Leichte Panzers In Action!

Max over at Fire For Effect! has written a pair of book reviews for WWPD. I hope you all enjoy them as much as I have- my Amazon wishlist has grown!


This is an older book, like most of the Squadron/Signal publications, and
can be found at larger hobby stores and online. Price is anywhere
from $2.99 (from Squadron/Signal on their monthly sales mailer) to
$10.99. The book was first published in 1974 written by Mike Dario
and color plates by the famous Uwe Feist. The book is soft cover in
landscape format with 50 pages, easily over 100 B/W photos and 6
color plates. The book covers all the light panzers from early war
which include the Panzer I, Panzer I Befehswagen, Panzer II, Panzer
35(T), and finally the Panzer 38(T).

The Panzer I section covers all versions (A-B and Befehswagen). There
are many great parade, training, and combat photos covering this
vehicle. There’s a great picture of the showing it with both the
2m aerial antenna and a large frame aerial like the Sdkfz. 221 and
250/5 (page 22). This is a rarely
: Panzer I Command tank with aerial as seen on page 22 of the book.
photographed vehicle. The book also has technical data which includes production
dates and numbers.
The Panzer II section covers the early versions (A-C) and the last
production “F” model. Again, photographs cover training and
combat from all theaters of the war. Technical data is also
included. One of the most interesting pictures of the Pz. II is on
page 42. It shows a Panzer II F with a group of Marder IIs probably
in Russia or Italy.
: Panzer II either C or F model. Note the lack of a main armament
and possible two or three color camouflage. This picture was
probably taken in 1943 and either in Russia or Italy. Note the
zeltbahn covering the front of the turret.
It appears the Panzer II F is painted in tri color so it may possibly be
in early of mid 1943. It’s possible the vehicle may also be
smeared with mud. The vehicle is loaded down with extra equipment
(which is rare for German tanks). The two things that stick out the
most it is missing its main weapon and has an aerial antenna on the
rear deck. This and what appears to be a single digit on the turret
leads me to believe it is a command vehicle.

There are few pages covering the Panzer 35(T) which is the German
designation for the Skoda built LTM35. This is a captured
Czechoslovakian tank which preceded the 38(T). About 300 vehicles
were produced and the book has about 4 pages worth of combat
photographs. Technical data is included.
And finally the gorgeous Panzer 38(T) – Skoda LT-38. There are
unfortunately less than 8 combat photographs of the vehicle but they
are good for modeling. Technical data is included.
The book features 6 color plates. 4 in the inside of the book and two in
the rear cover. There are two of the Panzer I, two of the Panzer II,
and one each of the 35(T) and 38(T). They are full color photographs
and show color markings of the
: Back cover of the book showing Panzer 35(t) and Panzer II Auf. F.
For the value of the book it is well worth it.
numbers and divisional insignia. Also in the book are B/W drawings of the
vehicle from two angles. Included in the book are indicia of crew
uniforms and equipment.
Overall, for the price, it is worth having in the book collection. It covers
the basic models, interesting and useful photographs, and the color
plates are very helpful for painting and modeling.

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