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Monday, November 29, 2010

Guards Motor Infantry vs Italian Bersaglieri in Breakout

Let me preface this batrep by saying I intend to change up my style a bit starting with this one (though more changes are in store!). I am going to try to make them a little easier to follow with a little turn summary at the end of each round showing casualties and other recap notes. I will do that a little bit here, although I did not take notes during the battle.

Sean and I decided to hit the desert again. I came up with 12 army lists (6 axis, 6 allied) around 1750 (give or take) and we rolled a d6 to see what two armies would be matched up. We then rolled to see who played which army, and then rolled for scenario on a d20! So, it was a completely random match up and I think Sean will agree- it was an absolute blast!

Here are the armies:

HQ + Sticky Bombs
2 Motor Platoons + Sticky Bombs
6 Pounder AT
Scout Patrol
3 Grants
3 Stuarts
Full RHA Battery

ITALIAN BERSAGLIERI (commanded by Sean)
HQ + Passaglia Bombs (Confident Veteran)
2 Bersaglieri Groups (full strength minus solothurns, sticky bombs)
(1 confident vet, 1 confident trained)
2x Lancias (confident vet)
75/27 battery (confident vet)
5x M14/41 (confident trained)
Semovente 75 battery w/ AA MGs (confident trained)

The mission we rolled up was BREAKOUT (Download Here). Being the Italians, Sean was automatically the defender.

Sean's forces must be deployed using the Mobile Reserves rule. He places both bersaglieri, his 75s, and his lancias on the board with the M14s and Semoventes in reserve.

I must have half on and half off- I start with the RHA, 1 Motor platoon, the HMGs, and the 6 pounders.

the board from my point of view. The 2 objectives are in the center. I was able to place 1 RHA gun just close enough to contest one of them (although the game cannot end until turn 6) meaning Sean must be ready to roll out!

His 75s and Bersaglieri are cramped into his deployment quarter, with his Lancias in some scrub in the backfield with great lines of sight across the board.

In the bottom left my RHA battery holds down the forth, while the HMGs, 6 Pounders, and Motor platoon get ready in the top right.

The RHA prepares to open up!

The Bersaglieri form up and prepare to break through the British positions.

British Motor infantry backed by HMGs and AT Guns get ready to move out in an attempt to block the Italians from escaping being surrounded.

The RHA opens up with a stonk on the Italian lines! The dug in defenders mostly weather the storm, though 1 75/27 gun falls prey to the bombardment.

Motor infantry moves into an area of brush.

The Bersaglieri unpin and move forward. The 75s remain pinned.

The Motor infantry comes under fire from the Bersaglieri!

An HMG and a 6 pounder exchange shots with a Lancia.

the Pinned 75s open up on the RHA battery, knocking out one gun!

1st Motor Platoon: 2 stands
RHA Battery (A Troop): 1 Gun

75/27 Battery: 1 Gun

The board at the top of Turn 2. British Stuarts arrive from reserve in the bottom left and a 2nd motor platoon arrives in the top right.

Stuarts race forward but are wary of Elefentinos, 75/27s, and Lancias.

Motor infantry arrives from reserve, following in the footsteps of 1st platoon.

Another stonk from the RHA rains down on the Bersaglieri and 75/27s- this time 3 teams from the Bersaglieri go down!

Italian reserves arrive- Semovente 75s race on from behind the British lines in an attempt to link up with their cut off allies!

the Semoventes catch an RHA observer in the open.

Continued fire on the 1st Motor platoon (who failed to dig in) takes its toll with more casualties.

The RHA observer is bailed out.

The pinned 75s again knock out a 25 pounder!

1st Motor Platoon: 4 stands
RHA Battery (A Troop): 2 Guns

75/27 Battery: 1 Gun
"red" Bersaglieri Group: 3 stands

Turn 3.

The 2nd Motor platoon continues advancing.

1st Motor platoon digs in. They don't quite contest the objective, but Italian HMGs and Elefentinos have forced them to keep their heads down.

Continued fire from the RHA further whittles away at the Bersaglier. British HMGs on the ridge join in, knocking out even more stands.

More Italian reserves arrive!

the Semoventes move up to flank the British.

1st Motor Platoon: 4 stands
RHA Battery (A Troop): 2 Guns

75/27 Battery: 1 Gun
"red" Bersaglieri Group: 7 stands

Turn 4. Note the Italian armor rolling up the right flank!

More British reserves show up!

6 pounders open up on the M14s, knocking out 2!

The forward RHA battery opens up with its two guns, knocking out another 75/27.

Continued fire from a 6 pounder takes down a Lancia.

The Grants open up on the Semoventes knocking out 1 Semovente and the Carro Commando. The platone commander leaps from his burning Carro Commando inspiring the platoon to feats of heroism!

A lucky shot from an HMG knocks out the other Lancia.

Sustained small arms fire breaks a Bersaglieri group.

The Italians suffered greatly in that shooting phase, but the 2nd bersaglieri group soldiers on!

In the right, the Semoventes knock out 1 Grant.

1st Motor Platoon: 4 stands
RHA Battery (A Troop): 2 Guns
Grant Troop: 1 Grant

Lancia Battery: destroyed
"red" Bersaglieri Group: destroyed

75/27 Battery: 2 Guns
M14/41s: 2 M14s
Semoventes: 1 Semovente (+1 bailed), 1 Carro Commando.

Turn 5.

The last British reserves arrive. Scouts hook to the left of the advancing Bersaglieri, ready to pour fire into them.

The Bersaglieri are hit with enough force to pin them down, though casualties are light. Unfortunately on the Italian turn they fail to unpin- even with the company commander urging them on!

At this point, no Italian teams can get close enough to contest the objective held by the forward RHA battery. Nevertheless, the Italians ride forward in an attempt to snatch some victory points.

The Semoventes attempt to get in close on the grants, but miraculously the two remaining Grants escape largely unscathed!

Not quite enough to force a break check!

A lone remaining M14 (after the other 2 are knocked out by 6 pounders) races forward to assault the dug in infantry.

The M14 does knock out a stand, but the British break off. They are below half strength, but being guards they do not falter.

6-1 to the British.

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