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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Girls, Skeletons, and Slipcases

Just a quick update here. A few nights ago my pals Jaime and Dallas came over for some adult snacks and board gaming. We played "Midevil" which is made by the same people who make the excellent "Zombies!". The game is a ton of fun- quick playing, easy to pick up, and all around well done. Once there's a few beers in you, it takes on a whole new level of intense backstabbing and ad hoc alliance making. I have to admit- I prefer "Zombies" just a bit more, if only because there's a few more "screw you!" style cards in Zombies.

The Misses in her shirt
The premise for Midevil is essentially the plot to Army of Darkness. You are transported to a midevil world where an army of animated skeletons is the grim reality. We opted to replace the core characters with some 28mm cowboys for a little extra flavor. Sorry Bruce. In an evening of gaming, drinking, and pizza we were able to squeeze in 3 games- not bad! Would definitely play again, though I think 3 people is the absolute bare minimum needed to make it really exciting.

In other news, the shirts have been received well!  If you buy one- take a picture and we'll put it on the blog so the whole world can see how sexy the WWPD shirts make you look.  Everyone has been really impressed with the quality so far (like I said- they're expensive but I refused to let them look or feel like crap).

shhhh keep the secret.
And last but not least- make sure to tune into the next episode of News From the Front!  We plan to record it on Sunday and we have a hell of a show lined up.  We'll be interviewing Shawn Morris (AKA The Terrain Guy ), reviewing the FOW Battlefoam Army Case, and reviewing Stalin's Europe.  We will also spend a good amount of time giving the complete run down on a very special new offering from Battlefront.  I'll keep it secret, but suffice it to say it's a big 2-book collection and it rhymes with "E-Bay, Battle for Pants". 

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