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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Get your official WWPD T-Shirts!

Sean and I sporting the new shirts
My brother in law recently designed some very cool logos for some T-Shirts.  He also designed all of the good graphics on this site (while the crappy ones were done by me :P )  Click here to check out the store!

I did a lot of research and soul searching debating HOW I wanted to present T-Shirts to the world and came up with these criteria:
1) The T Shirts had to be made to order.  I couldn't afford a massive up-front order, and especially not if i wanted to offer several designs in several sizes and several colors.
2) I wanted them to be high quality.  Not crappy transfers or made of thin material.  And, being a gamer, I didn't want light colored shirts.
3) I wanted to keep the price as low as possible while meeting the first two criteria.

Naturally, it's nearly impossible to get high quality, nicely printed, dark colored shirts for dirt cheap.  So I had to compromise- these shirts aren't exactly bargain basement prices, but I do think they're fairly reasonable.  Also you should know that I make next to nothing on them- truly a negligible amount.

And so, before I allowed these to be sold, I ordered a whole mess of them to give them my approval.  I have to say- they are quite nice.  High quality printing, very nice T-shirt material (nice and heavy weight).  Plus, I have a variety of available colors and cuts.  So, without further ado, I'd like to introduce the super sexy line of WWPD Shirts:

WWPD Roundel Design.  15 Color Options
Website logo.  15 Color Options.
WWPD Roundel Girl Tee.  3 Color Options.

There's also 2 long sleeve designs bearing the same logos.

You can get to the store by clicking on the link to the right!

AND for the rest of the season, there are some coupon codes to save some cash:

Coupon Codes:
FALL2010 $5 off subtotal of $25+
HARVEST2010 $10 off subtotal of $50+
AUTUMN2010 $20 off subtotal of $100+


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