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Monday, November 15, 2010

CY6- Action in the pacific.

Kurosawa's Zero dropped lazily from the cloud cover- effortless as a gull gliding on ocean breezes. He smiled at the Emerald ocean stretching and yawning beneath him. Momentarily, he closed his eyes and enjoyed the warm sun streaming through his canopy.

Behind Kurosawa, two more identical planes dropped from the cotton clouds, and formed up behind their leader. A small green island was just becoming visible on the horizon as the sun reached its zenith.

Darryl Smith was not as calm as the Japanese pilots within a proverbial stone's throw. His Dauntless was racing along just above the canopy of some godforsaken, bug infested island. Only he and his wingmate Hack had made it out. 3 planes down. 6 of his friends wouldn't be returning tonight. Smith and Hack pushed their planes hard- they knew the carrier was close and

Pilot Messerle's Wildcat purred beneath him. He felt momentary terror as he saw 3 familiar white dots on the horizon, but quickly pushed that aside. "Hoard- see em?".

By now Kurosawa's seabirds had spotted the Dauntlesses making a break for the open water, and moved to intercept.

In moments, the Zeros were upon the dive bombers.

At this close range and low speed, the dauntless were no match for the seabirds. Smith closed his eyes as his metal plane around him shake apart.

Kurosawa had claimed another American plane.

Hack frantically pushed his SBD forward, and was immensely relieved to see 2 F4F Wildcats moving in to help him home! "Boy am I glad to see you guys!"

Kurosawa only just now saw the American fighters stalking him and his group. He felt shame at such an oversight.

The Zeros relentlessly pursued the Dauntless as the F4Fs zip right by them, HMGs blazing.

Hack swore as his Dauntless shuttered from cannon rounds impacting the hull. The stick jammed right- the rudder had been hit!

Behind him, a Zero flies right into metal scrap shaking itself loose from his Dauntless, and only narrowly escapes catastrophe!

Messerle lines up a Zero, and unleashes with all 6 HMGs! Bullets tear into the canvas wings, but the Zero miraculously escapes unscathed. Messerle is horrified to discover he has spent all of his ammo!

The Zeros continue hounding the remaining Dauntless who is now almost home free!

Kurosawa expends the rest of his cannon shells. The Dauntless before him seems made of pure steel. Cannon round after cannon rounds erupts on its hull, but still it flies. Having no more ammunition, Kurosawa calls off his seabirds.

Hack's Dauntless lands safely on the carrier. The rear of the plane looks like a scrap yard. His tail gunner sat slumped in his seat.

The Japanese nabbed one Dauntless, but the other made it home. We called it a draw.

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