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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Captured Panzer Gallery

I've always had a fascination with captured Panzers. This year I plan to make a captured T-34 company for mid war! Most of these tanks are for the "captured panzer" platoon option available to grenadiers in mid and late war, except for the firefly which can only be taken in 21st panzer to replace a IVH.

First up we have a Sherman. I tried to make it look as if it were recently captured, and the cross was slapped on (possibly while under fire!)

(read on for more!)

Similarly, I wanted the firefly to look like a very recent addition. Getting the paint to look "streaky" on the cross was difficult, but at a distance the effect works well.

Next up I have a T-34. Because so many of these were captured, I wanted it to seem a little more lived in and in official use.

Ditto for the T-34/85. Note the wildly contrasting style on the 85. I figured I may as well use these guys as tests for when I get around to doing soviets. Ultimately I like the T-34 better than the 85, but am a fan of both styles.

And lastly, we have my girl. Smetna. This is a captured KV-1e, and has proven herself on the battlefield in a tournament!

Thanks for looking! I've ordered a T-70 to complete the collection, I'll be sure and post pics once I get it.

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