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Saturday, October 16, 2010

WWPD News From the Front Episode 2

WWPD News From the Front- Episode 2 "The Plans for D-Day revealed!"
-Steven and Sean bring a special report after the Virginia Military History Weekend. Topics discussed include "D-Day" (the new slipcase book set from Battlefront due in December) spoilers, a review of "Das Book", a review of the film "El Alamein" and much much more! Steven's dogs and cat provide their own commentary throughout the production as well!

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Links discussed in this episode:
El Alamein on IMDB:
Military History Weekend:
D-Day slipcase books:
Das Book:

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Lamenter40K said...

Hey guys, I listened to the first two podcasts. I enjoyed 'em and will keep listening. You need to post an email address for listeners or something, I can't find it anywhere (plus I can't find your podcast in the iTunes directory).

You mentioned that you were looking for a suitable "Aliens" type 28mm miniature. Check out the heads from Chapterhouse Studios (link: They just sell the heads but it should be easy to convert some Genestealers or other alien type bodies into decent alien clones.

Hein said...

Great Episode.
1 comment. I missed a review of the most important divisions at D-Day: The US para Divisions. ;)

indierockclimber said...

@Lamenter- thanks for pointing out the fact my e-mail wasn't easy to find! I will rectify that :)

Thanks for the suggestion- I've checked those guys out and they do look like a very reasonable substitue.

@Hein- you know I looked at them and didn't notice any difference- that is not to say there weren't any!

Duck Sauce said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Duck Sauce said...

I like the longer length, keep it up!

I had to double take the bark at 15:32-- it sounded like Sean said something really obscene and it was beeped out with a bark sound effect!

Sean: "Are they *BARKBARK!"

Steven: "Whoa..."

Also, I know you guys got a lot in there, but you didn't readdress the 7th Armoured like you mentioned at the beginning of the show.

Keep up the great work, I enjoy it!

Duck Sauce said...

Ah, missed the note about the 7th Armoured. Looking forward to it.

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