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Saturday, October 9, 2010

WWPD News From the Front Episode 1

WWPD News From the Front- Episode 1.
 -The gang returns with a blog of the week pick, a discussion on British Cromwells, A review of the movie Pandorum, and an illicit plea for information on pirated Aliens figures.

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Links Discussed in this episode:
-Blog of the week pick:
-Pandorum on IMDB:
-The Barter Bucket:

Steven's Blog:
Joe's Blog:
Sean's Blog:

Steven, Sean, and Joe of WWPD- News From the Front


Hein said...

Good episode.
Much better on the Volume now. I could actually hear what you were saying ;).
Ideas: I have some but i am not going to promote myself. ;) Just joking.
Seriously, how about book discussions (WWII, Fantasy and SF) just as you did with the movie in this episode.

Chevalier de la Terre said...

Ah, my 15 minutes of fame...thanks Steven :)

...."CdC" love it!

Technically Crac des Chevaliers = Castle of the Knights (

My pedantry aside...awesome summary of 7th Armoured. I really like the idea of summarising different companies and forces, always interesting to get other's perspectives as well, so great job there. Also, personally I don't think any set length is too important, as long as you have something important/interesting to say people will listen (IMHO anyway).

Overall, great Episode 1 guys, I'll definitely be listening in future and have recommended it to the local FOW group as well.

CdlT (of CdC)

indierockclimber said...

Good ideas guys- Hein please sound off any ideas you have!

CdC- sorry for the mispronunciation there. It took all of our feeble brain power to make any sense of it :)

I think we've decided to try and shoot for 30 minutes. I think that's the right amount of time to where we can get in a lot of good discussion but avoid rambling.

jmezz382 said...

Awesome comments guys ... thanks ! We strive to please !

pachongo3000 said...

Thanks for listening Chaps!

Sorry for the missed translation Chev. My former Madame would be quite displeased. Awesome blog! Keep up the good work.


Chevalier de la Terre said...

Cheers guys! No worries on the pronunciation....I quite liked your version :)


Neal said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Hein said...

If i have new ideas i let you know ;)
BTW i meant Book reviews which also may include rulebooks.

Duck Sauce said...

Great show, guys, keep up the great work!

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Great idea on starting this type of blog!I'm keen to see what comes of it as it looks very nice so far.:-)Blog of the week is well deserved in CdLT as he really does fantastic work.


indierockclimber said...

Thanks guys!

Hein said...

Congrats on being mentioned on the BF website frontpage....again.

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