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Thursday, October 7, 2010

WWPD News: Bell of Lost Souls, PodCasting, "FOWdy K" documents

Sean and Joe paint while recording episode 0
Ahoy mateys! Just a little bumper update here. So far we've gotten good feedback from the Podcast. We'll iron out some technical issues before the next one- but we still need some theme music! If there's a particular topic you would like to hear us discuss, sound off here and let me know.

My second article has been posted to Bell of Lost Souls: A discussion of Kradschutzen. The comments pretty much devolve into calling me out on not using umlauts, but I think there's some good information to be gleaned from the article nonetheless.

Lastly, Tom has cleaned up his documents for our "FOWdy K" Epic -> Flames of War General Rules, and I have posted them to the downloads page.

I am wrapping up the last of my French armor (I'll have around 5000 points of French armor in the bag before the infantry gets to my doorstep!). I'll post pics when I finish them up.

How's everyone doing this week? What's new in hobbyland?

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