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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Introducing Joe

This is my first posting as part of the command staff at WWPD. I am Joe Messerle, author of the blog Lead, Paint and the General. Steve has been an excellent mentor and friend and I am pleased to be offered a spot on his excellent blog.

As you know, we play Flames of War mostly in his awesome War Room. Steve, Sean and I have also recently started a podcast as well called WWPD: News from the Front. Please check it out and let us know what you think.

As for me, I have a list of things on the hobby side planned in the next couple of months. I am currently painting up the 1750 point US Glider Infantry company for FOW. I just completed the M10 section with one more section to go. My engineer platoon is about 50% done. Next I have a mortar platoon and a Sherman platoon to paint and that will be it.

Next in the plans is a German Early war (EW) army. I haven't decided yet what direction I will be going but it will be the project I concentrate on for 2011.

Other news, I have been reading new rule systems such as FATE (recommended by Mik) and Savage Worlds (recommended by Savage Tim). They are flexible rule systems and can be taylored to my idea of a post apocalypse gaming world. Anyone have experience with these rule systems ?

We are on a pause from a Star Wars D6 (West End Games) that I have some games already set up for a run. Our group has done well .... and I look forward to running more games.

Well .... a short and brief posting. Please let me know if there is anything I or the rest of the command staff can review, address or podcast about. You can reach me at

Keep the Paint flowing and the dice rolling ....

Joe aka Mezz

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