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Sunday, October 3, 2010

MicroFOW -6mm FOW. Soviets v Germans

After the "FOWdyK" epic game with Tom, Rob and Brian were keen to try out "MicroFOW"- essentially the exact same FOW rules but with microarmor. The results were actually quite fun! We didn't modify anything, so all distance measurements stayed the same. I have to say- it worked quite well! We're all going to order two opposing armies for our favorite respective theaters (I'll be doing 8th army vs DAK, Brian Americans vs Germans in Normandy, and Rob already has a massive east front collection).

I will say the AARs are not quite as beautiful looking with the smaller scale, though we think even with distances being the same we can cram double the amount of points on the board to make massive encounters possible.

The one major change we did was to not keep track of the platoon leaders in any platoons. Frankly, it's too hard to tell tanks apart. We will think of some minor rule to compensate the Germans for Mission Tactics, but it wasn't really an issue. My suggestion is to allow forces with Mission Tactics to roll company motivation checks even if their company commander is dead.

Without further ado, here is the AAR!

Soviet Tankovy
HQ 1x T-34/76 w/ cupolas
10x T-34/76 w/ cupolas
8x T-34/76 w/ cupolas
4x SU-122
3x SU-152 (guards)
5x KV-1 (guards)

German Panzerkompanie
HQ (2x Panzer IV H w/ Bergepanther)
5x Panzer IV H
5x Panzer Iv H
3x Panther
(Kamfgrupped panzers from the panzer platoons to form another platoon of 3)

We decided to do free for all just to get everything on table and see how it worked.

The board. The small FOW bases are the objectives. From the German left you see Panzer IVs on the small hill. In the center, Panthers and Panzer IVs, and on the right another panzer IV platoon.

Soviets (from top left): 8 T-34s behind the hill. 5 KV-1s in the central woods with the 3 IS-152s behind them. In the woods to the right of that are the 10 T-34s. I think the IS-122s had yet to be be placed but they wound up on the German right.

Panthers with a commanding view of the table.

Panzer IVs on the German left flank.

Panzer IVs on the German right.

T-34s in the center with the IS-122s.

KV-1s and IS-152s

More T-34s

Panzer IVs double time forward on the German right!

More Panzer IVs move out, though the other platoon stays concealed on the hill.

The Panthers move forward into the village.

T-34s move up through the woods.

And the same on the German left.

T-34s and SU-122s move to surround a Panzer IV platoon that pushed deep into enemy territory.

The Panthers shift right and score the first kill of the day!

T-34s take pot shots on Panzer IVs.

Panzer IVs move up to trap the T-34s.

The first German tank goes down.

The Panthers get moxy and move forward to fire on the T-34s.

The German right.

Panzer IVs move back to the hill and take shots on the T-34s moving out of the woods.

Panzer IVs have now pushed deep into Soviet territory.

The Panthers move back, holding the hill.

The T-34s swarm the Panzer IVs on the German right!

And thanks to some poor dice, only bail one tank!

On the German left, one Panzer IV goes up as the Soviets make a mad dash for the hill!

Panzer IVs and Panthers pull back on the German right, laying down covering fire.

The return fire on the German left is brutal.

Panzer IVs contest a soviet objective, but the KV-1s are hot on their heels!

The T-34s continue to suffer (the ball of smoke on the hill in front of the Panzer IVs is another T-34)

The Panthers take long range shots at the IS-152s who are now repositioning to deal with the Panzers.

Three KV-1s go down in a duel with the Panzer IVs.

The two remaining Panzers on the German right pull back.

The T-34s move up on the hill, knock out one of those 2 panzers and bail the other. The Panthers then counter by moving up to cover the damaged remaining Panzer IV who passes his platoon check.

On the left, the T-34s are finished off.

On the soviet objective, the KVs are knocked out. IS-152s drive forward and knock out a Panzer IV.

The Panzer IVs knock out two IS-152s. The remaining one drives forward and takes out a Panzer IV.

Unfortunately, at this point, the Soviets failed to realize the Germans contest their objective, and start their turn in posesion of it. The Germans lost no platoons (though one Panzer IV platoon has 1 tank, and the other has 2). 6-1 to the Germans.


GeekEGuy said...

Steven...I hate you....and so does my wife. ;)

I wonder if I could field the entire 132nd Ariete Division in one game????

indierockclimber said...

I'd certainly like to try :) I am gonna order some after I finish the French army box. Man. It never ends.

Dave said...

No infantry in micro armor? Also I like your blog but by having your text/pictures go right to the edge of the page, it is unnerving. I kept thinking my screen was too small but at 1650x1080 I couldn't believe it. Keep up the good work.
Cheers -Dave

indierockclimber said...

Dave- we just now ramped up the Micro Armor and we weren't sure how to handle infantry yet. Fear not, we have every intention of adding them in!

Yes, the blog size *is* a bit unnerving for some. But I absolutely hate having to click pictures to maximize them and so made the decision to go all out with them. It works for most, but certainly not for others :)

Todd R said...

I'm not familiar with the rules, but hav started a 6mm collection to play other games. I thought about getting the FOW rules to use w them. Do the turrets need to be movable in FoW? I've glued all mine down and thought I read somewhere that this could be a problem.

Also, what are you "forests" builts/based on?

I was visiting your site initially to say that I enjoyed Episode 2.

indierockclimber said...

Thanks for the post Todd! Here's a link to the forest tutorial I did:

Turrets are supposed to be moveable in FOW, but we specifically addressed that and just decided to work around it- they're too tiny at 6mm.

Porty said...

Aagh-not a huge fan of the small scale. It just feels very...impersonal and distant. Regular FoW looks better, IMHO.

Brandon Pennington said...

Have you tried just using centimeters for movement instead? Meaning, if a tank can move 12" in FoW, just have it move 12cm instead. It seems like it should work pretty well that way.

A friend of mine has bought a lot of North Afrika Micro Armor from GHQ and we were going to do it that way that way we can have some larger engagements on smaller tables.

indierockclimber said...

@Porty- I am inclined to agree, but it was a fun change of pace

@Brandon- yes we have thought about that, it could work well- but the artillery templates do need to be modified a bit to make it work. Besides that though, yes I think it would work!

Alan said...

have you seen Litko's micro-FoW templates. they come in 1/2 or 2/3 sizes. and work well with the GHQ range. Have a look at the link below. My brother inlaw and i have ebeen trying to find some one some where who was doing micro-FoW and i stumbled onto your site 5minutes ago .... great work. would love to get some podcasts of you discussing micro-FoW.

indierockclimber said...

Alan, very excellent find, thank you! I had no idea Litko made those. I really think FoW translates well into micro, have you guys been playing it much?

Alan said...

we haven't played yet. Still trying to sort out miniatures and lists. I have played the standard FoW game and miniatures. But due to limited funds [and strict bank manager aka the wife] we have decided to go micro. Also due to the smaller scale we can play huge games and use air-combat as well.
if you use the 1/2 scale templates all you need to do is half all measurements if you go the 2/3 work out all measurements at 2/3 original scale.[ the 2/3 would be better suited to 10mm scale.]

will send you some pics once we get going. should be ordering our stuff in the next few weeks. Germans/Soviets for me and Brits/germans for my brother inlaw.

again great site...


Alan said...

just finalized our micro-Armour order. will be getting some CinC tanks and GHQ infantry and the GHQ templates from Litko. so maybe in a month or so we'll have everything we need to field 2x German [2,500pts] , Soviets [2,500pts] and British [2,500pts] all four are tank companies [love tanks] and we'll also have planes. [Stuka and HS129B, Hurricanes, and IL2's]

once the minis are painted and based [still need to work out base size] we'll send you a link to our battle report.


Alan said...

Just got the Litko templates the other day. They are pretty nice i opted for the customized elevated ones [cost a bit more] but well worth the add cost as it will make seeing who is targeted easier and hopefully stop any damage being done to the paint work. btw if your keen have a look at my Blog its in the early stages and considering its my first time at it i think its going o.k.

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