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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Mail Call !


This Joe, your friend from WWPD:News from the Front. I thought I would just respond, post and let others know how you all are responding to the podcast; currently Episode 3.

From the WWPD blog, we had 5 comments to date of this posting.

@ The Northern Gamer ... I am glad your enjoying the podcast, I figure your listening as you paint?
@ Duck Sauce ... I am waiting to see those M1 57mm guns in some pictures. Your website deserved top honors, great choices and awesome selection. The Walking Dead show on AMC is gonna rock.
@ Shaun Watson ... We agreed that the color scheme was a tad rough. I am sure Steve will be happy to talk more in depth about the black-lining. His models look great and pop on the table thanks to this technique.
@ Hein ... no fears my friend, we didn't forget about you and your awesome army files.

From the Lead, Paint and the General blog, we had 1 comment as of this posting.

@ Gyro (aka Mik) I am glad you enjoyed the podcast, no fear your group's podcast rocks as well.

From Flames of War forum we have had 318 views and 21 comments !

@ Shawn ... Glad you enjoyed it, we look forward to your interview !
@ Muddypaws ... I enjoyed the 7th Armored talk as well. My knowledge on British are low so anything new is good to me as well. I think it is awesome you enjoy our movie reviews. Thanks!
@ Dvalin ... small summaries will and shall not be a problem. We will work on that ...
@ GudarianIsMyHomeboy ... we are all in agreement that the french tokens could have had better colors. We will be discussing the Bridge Too Far as possible programming.
@ bucket_boy101 ... Was a great movie no ? The steel cars are a small disturbance though
@ sturmgrenadier ... no :) no difference at all lol

I hope you podcast listeners are enjoying our cast. Again if you have any questions, comments or the such please let us know. Sean and Steve are at Fall In 2010 this weekend and I am sure they will have some awesome things to discuss in our next episode !

Keep the paint flowing and the dice rolling ....

Joe aka Mezz

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