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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Just in time for Fall In, I've finished the first segment of the French Infantry Company army box for Flames of War. Finished thus far: HQ + HQ Mortars + Resupply Section, and 2 Combat Platoons. I have the 75mm Battery on the painting table now!

And here they are!

First platoon. Some flash is still gut wrenchingy visible on a few helmets. I was in a real rush to get these ready for Fall In and just barely made the deadline!

I really enjoyed the Army Painter tufts I used on these guys.

Second Platoon!

Both Combat Platoons.

Company Command and 2iC.

I couldn't get a clear enough picture, but the 2iC had a pistol in his hand that was mis-cast. I tried to make it look like a brass pocket watch. The face is white with a tiny little clock face.

HQ Mortars.

And the complete progress pic from the French Infantry Company box set.


bcantwell said...

Nice job painting these up Steve, but my eye just can't get past the awful Adrian Sombreros.

They look especially goofy compared to the new French infantry just released by Forged in Battle (at least IMO).

Hein said...

Wow. That's a nice looking force.
Job well done.

jmilesr said...

These look great - very nicely done

I do have one question - where are the white flags?


The Angry Lurker said...

Good job, I like the comment before me aswell.

Buckaroo said...

Nice work! Personally the Adrian helmets look okay to me.. some of the sculpts are better then others but the force as a whole looks fantastic!

Craig C said...

Nice paint job, but the figures have totally put me off buying the new French infantry range- those helmets are horrible. Definitely not one of the better FBF lines.


Thomas said...

Bad figures, excellent paint jobs.

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