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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

French Armor en masse (and friends)

Just some recent painting I've done. I've basically finished all of my French AFVs, and should be getting the infantry army box tonight!

First up, I painted 2 Stuart Troops to support my Desert Rats.

Now some H39s done up to support the Panhards of my Escadron De Recon'.

And the Escadron's compagnie commander. This is the only Battlefront Panhard I have.

And all of the Panhards. The BF doesn't stick out quite as bad as it appears to in this picture. But it is clearly the better model.

And the entire escadron.

And now for a group photo:

On the left we have the light Escadron De Combat (with enough turrets to swap them out to 4 platoons of 3 tanks with the long guns). In the middle is the aforementioned Escadron De Recon'. On the right are the Somuas, and bringing up the rear are the Char B1s.

Total models here:
20 Hotchkiss H39
13 Somua S-35
16 Panhard AMD-35
10 Char B1.

59 AFVs! I can't wait to see Tomwise make 59 French tanks look like a drop in the bucket ;)


Duck Sauce said...

Wow, impressive!

Hein said...

Looking great.
Love the French armor.

Tecian said...

That really does inspire me to get buying and painting !!
Great job.

Cimmerian said...

Excellent. The French armor attracts lookie-loo's on the table. I don't see any guns! I recently played my French for the first time to little success. Sorry to
here but you might find it interesting. I actually think the Escadron de Combat may actually be a stronger force on the table than the Compagnie de Combat. What do you think?

Again, nice looking force.

indierockclimber said...

Thanks Cim- following your blog now.

I do think the Escadron de Combat is a little stronger than the compagnie de combat unless you have a great love of Char B1s or R35s.

The recon list (escadron de recon') looks like it'd be a ton of fun, but I am worried the "forced to disengage" rule will hamstring it.

Look forward to seeing how you do with them!

bcantwell said...


Great job on the French armor. That really looks great.

I played the Escadron de Combat in my recent game (as part of a two company force) and it was tough, especially against the Panzer II's available for our historical matchup.

I'm curiousabout one thing though. Did you pre-order the French Infantry box? Just wondering because IMO from the pictures on the website they look terrible. The Adrian helmets are so incredibly badly done...

indierockclimber said...

I saw the AAR! Would've loved some more pics, but it sounded like a blast. We really need to get together one weekend soon now that're in this neck of the woods!

I did pre-order the French. I've heard other people express the same concerns about the helmets. Truthfully I think once they're on the table no one will notice it. And I don't even know the difference to be completely honest :) Early War is far from my expertise!

Christian said...

Great looking. What colors did you use on the Somua's ?

indierockclimber said...

Thanks Christian! For all of my french stuff I used these colors (All Are Vallejo paints)

Green- Black Green (70980)
Brown- Flat Earth (70983)
Yellowish Color- Green Ochre (70914)

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