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Monday, October 4, 2010

Upcoming Flames of War Books (Normandy and Budapest)

Word on the street is that come Christmas all you Normandy gamers will get two nice new presents: Normandy Compilation books! They're going to break the lists into two books (one for axis and one for allies), fix some points and support discrepencies, and bring everything in line with the later books. There are also going to be a few new lists like a German beutepanzer list using captured French tanks!

Some of the pending changes:
1) The 21st Panzer Stug Battery is now Mechanized and not a tank list. That makes them far more viable!
2) Panzer Lehr has been "fixed" thugh I can't find exactly what this means. I'm hoping they get better support and come down a tad in price.
3) Normandy Churchill squadron will now be a legal stand alone force- I know all you brit guys are happy about that!
4) Slight SS price reduction across the board.

If the East Front is more your thing, Stalin's Europe will be out very shortly focusing on the battle for Budapest, and is rumored to contain Hungarians and Romanians along with Soviet lend lease Sherman 76s. Good times ahead!

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