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Monday, October 11, 2010

British Rifles vs German Schutzen in Envelopment

First of all, for those of you who may not have heard, Sean Joe and I have been working on a Podcast. We've recorded two episodes now- please check them out at this link and tell us what you think: (The episode count starts at 0).

Anyhow, Sean and I attempted to make two balanced lists so that Sean could try out the Germans against his beloved British. We rolled for scenario, and came up with "Envelopment" which is an unofficial and very exciting mission (download the scenario here).

HQ + Sticky Bombs
3 Rifle Platoons at Full Strength w/ Sticky Bombs
Scout Patrol
6 Pdr AT Gun Battery
3 Matilda II
3 Valentines
8 gun RA Battery

HQ + Panzerknackers + HMG (which Sean forgot to deploy)
3 Schutzen Platoons w 7 MG teams and 1 mortar
(kamfgrupped the mortars)
Light Panzerspah patrol
10.5cm Battery
3x Panzer III J (early)
3x Panzer IV F1

We rolled off, and the British were the attackers. I elected to do a night attack. Unfortunately I forgot about being able to deploy closer (since it very rarely applies to any missions) which cost me a full turn moving closer. Sean bought 8 barbed wire sections and 2 trench lines.

The board. British on the left. The 6 pounders are being towed by the Valentines, and all 8 25 pounders are limbered up! Advancing under darkness should allow me to get close. 1 Rifle platoon is in reserve.

Sean puts his 10.5cm Battery in ambush. He deployed his Panzer IIIs and 2 Schutzen platoons on the board.

The thin red line.

One of the 6 Pounders has to hoof it.

A Troop moves out with the infantry.

Panzers lie in wait.

Schutzen sit in their foxholes watching the wire.

A mass of Royal Artillery vehicles force their way through gaps in the terrain.

The Valentines roll out!

The British have moved forward (yet are still back of where they could've been if I'd used "advance under darkness" grr)

The British continue the advance. The Valentines have no problem getting through the scrub even in darkness.

The Matildas prepare to force through the wire.

Towhooks are useful!

Blurry Panzer IIIs move up on a ridge.

British turn 3 sees the wire all crushed, and a massive general advance.

And wouldn't you know it, Dawn comes just in time for Sean to shoot me up.

British reserves arrive from the German left flank, but arrive a little early with no support!

10.5cm guns spring their ambush!

Panzer IVs arrive from reserve and race to the front.

The Panzer IIIs sight the Valentines.

Combined fire from the 10.5cm battery and the Panzer IIIs knock out 2 Valentines. MG fire from the Panzers predictably slaughters the towed 6 pounders, killing all 3 crews. The remaining 6 pounders flee the field before firing a shot.

A long range shot from the Panzer IVs knocks out a Quad limber and it's 25 pounder.

On the British turn, the 25 pounders unlimber and fire on the 10.5cm battery… doing nothing.

British rifles and Matildas advance.

Deep in the German lines, freshly arrived Schutzen move up to assault the British Rifles that flanked their company. The British Rifles have fortunately dug in, and are prepared to fend off the Jerries!

The 10.5cm Guns knock out a Matilda!

The Schutzen assault is bloody! At one point every single team whiffed for both of us (something like 9 dice rolling 1s and 2s).

The British hold the line, completely annhilating the schutzen.

In the center, Rifles assault the guns and take the position.

The lone remaining Valentine inches along the Panzer IIIs' flank, bailing one!

The British are holding in the center, and the British right deep in the German lines. But the Germans are far from out.

More reserves arrive and are immediately sent to deal with the surrounded British Rifles!

Panzer IVs and Schutzen immediately counter attack the center.

The British force back the armored cars, but at great cost. The platoon holds on but are severely battered now.

Horrible casualties are suffered by the limeys in the center, and the platoon breaks.

The Germans consolidate their lines. Both sides are now down 2 platoons.

The 3rd rifle platoon has finally gotten through the wire on the ridge, though it is likely too late to help.

Keep moving!

The Panzer IIIs move to flank the Valentine. In the rear you can see smoke- the single only succesful bombardment the RA could get off this game (they tried and failed 5 Stonks)

Panzer IVs knock out a Matilda.

It is looking bleak for the British now.

At this point, we had been playing for a long time and I decided to concede to Sean. I had lost 2 Rifle platoons, and the AT guns. Both of my tank platoons were down to 1, and my other rifles were way too far back to do anything. Sean had all 6 of his tanks and was moving them into good positions.

Kudos to Sean for playing the Germans very well. I had some bad luck (my RA never fired a single bombardment- 5 Stonks attempted. That's 20 dice and not a single 5 or 6). That being said, Sean played very very well and certainly deserved the win. Solid game, and it was fun using such crappy tanks!


pachongo3000 said...

I enjoyed switching it up and playing as the Germans. For those of you following, the Shutzen will be my next spotlight platoon. I will be talking about the strengths and weaknesses I saw, on the next podcast. As always, a great game! Steven and I never have bad ones. Another great looking batrep as well.


Chevalier de la Terre said...

Great report guys, that got bloody for the British very quickly. As a long-time Crusader player, I have no love for panzers :)

Night Attack can be great fun, but I too usually forget the extra 8", either that or I deploy thinking I'm going to attack at night, then forget the declare it and find everyone out of position!


Hein said...

A bloody and great AAR.
You probably won't forget the, Advance under darkness rule, again next time.;)

Tecian said...

That looks a great game and encourages me to get the things bought and painted !

indierockclimber said...

@Hein & CdlT- yeah, I am still kicking myself for that one. The extra 8" could've made all the difference!

@Tecian- you can do it!

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Nice looking game and quite a few miniatures on that table!


jmezz382 said...

Good stuff .... another topic in store for News of the Front ...

adlernest said...

Great read can you tell me how/why you use those red tokens I got a idea but wondering what your doing witm them Cheers
Adler Hobby Hollis NH

indierockclimber said...

They represent where teams "bought the farm" :)

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