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Saturday, September 11, 2010

US 3rd Infantry Division vs German Gebirgsjaeger in Italy

Luke came over today for some good ol' fashioned FOW. We both took infantry heavy lists, and so made the board very heavy terrain. We rolled up Breakthrough with the Americans attacking (What's with this trend? My poor Germans in Italy have to defend in breakthrough all the damn time!)

Assault Platoon w/ flamethrower
Rifle Platoon
Armored Rifle Platoon
4x M10s
105 Battery + AOP
AAA (2 Bofors, 2 .50 cals)
4.2" Mortars
57mm AT Gun Platoon

HQ w/ fausts + Panzerschreck
3 Full Gebirgsjaeger platoon w/ fausts
Gebirspioneers + supply truck
4x Stug G
Pak 40s (3x)
HMGs + knacker
Sporadic HS129Bs

The US Deployment. Luke elects to keep his Armored Rifles, AAA, and 57mm AT guns in delayed reserve. On the left he has Rifles. In the center and bottom are his mortars and 105s. In the top right are M10s and the assault platoon.

The German left flank. HMGs in the tip center in a field, Nebelwerfers in the left, Stugs and infantry in the bottom left, and Pioneers in the bottom center. Pak 40s are on the hill in the top right.


The board from the corner with objectives.

The M10s and assault platoon ready to move out.

M10s double time.

Stugs move out.

Nebelwerfers hit the assault platoon.

HS 129s come in with cannons blazing.

But only manage to pin the mortars.

The AOP attempts to range in on the pioneers, but fails.

The M10s threaten the nebelwerfer observer

And then move along

The Americans are unable to pin the pioneers, and decide not to assault.

Grenadiers move through the nebelwerfers' position to get to the objectives.

2 HS129s come screaming in on the M10s.

The Pioneers rush forward, flamethrowers ablaze!

Despite being flying tanks, the M10s use their .50 cals to knock out a plane!

In return one M10 is knocked out, and 2 more bailed.

In the end, Pioneers take the woods from the US infantry protecting the artillery park, but are badly maimed. Grenadiers move up to exploit the gap.

HS129s shoot down the AOP.

The first US reserves arrive… Luke parks his AAA on the board edge. (they are slightly pushed forward so as not to fall off)

The last pioneer flamethrower annihilates the platoon leader of the 105s. The rest focus on the mortar battery.

Unsurprisingly, the AAA is cut down by HMGs. That makes 2 destroyed platoons for the US.

The pioneers ground themselves into the dust, but kill 2 of the mortars in the process.

The US deployment zone is threatened by grenadiers after pioneers punched through the defensive line.

Germans prepare for the incoming US reserves.

More reserves arrive- 57mm AT Guns.

The M10s cross the creek, with 1 bogging down.

The Stugs move up to fire on the M10s, but only bail one! They then fail to stormtrooper away!

Armored Rifles arrive from reserve, and the M10s knock out 2 stugs!

Grenadiers finish off the mortars.

The assault platoon has truscot trotting around the German flank, but is caught in the open by the luftwaffe. Surprisingly, no casualties are inflicted.

grenadiers breakthrough assault the 105s, knocking 2 out.

The fight for the objective is now on!

Grenadiers finish off the 105s in the following turn, and begin chasing the company commander.

The stugs knock out 2 M10s. Grenadiers are just barely holding the objective from the pinned Armored Rifles.

2 M10s go down, but the remaining tank destroyer sticks around, albeit with no ℅.

The remaining M10 opens up on the HMGs, running the platoon!

Nebelwerfers and direct fire from the Stugs hit the 57mms and the Armored Rifles.

A 57mm AT gun knocks out a stug! But the other stays in the fight.

Grenadiers were poised to strike the M10, but a long range shot from the Pak 40s takes care of him.

Meanwhile, the grenadiers surround and capture the US company commander.

With 5 out of 8 platoons broken and no company commander, the game goes to the Germans. Having lost the HMGs and the Pioneers, the Germans pull out a 4-3.

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