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Thursday, September 30, 2010

EW Fighting Withdrawal: German Panzer vs French Compagnie De Combat

Ron and I tried out a scenario tonight representing the 5th Panzer Division racing against the clock as De Gaulle begins calling back the armor to form up and prepare for a counter attack.

The full details of the scenario can be downloaded here: .doc file


HQ (Hotchkiss H39 w/ long gun)
3 Light Combat Platoons ea. with 1 long and 2 short guns
3x Panhard AMD-35
3x Somua S-35
3x Char B1 Bis

HQ- 1 Panzer I command, 1 Panzer II C (late)
1st Zug w/ 4 Panzer II C (late)
2nd Zug w/ 3 Panzer II C (late)
3rd Zug w/ 3 Panzer III E
PanzerSchutzen with 2 squads
Leicthe Pioneers with 2 squads
2x 6-rads
Limited Air Support

The board prior to setup from the French Perspective.  The objectives were placed in the center of the wheat field (defender's obj) and the other two between the small hill on the left and just in front of the field.  All of the objectives were fairly close together.

A Hotchkiss waits in the wheat field near an objective, as a reserve for the Somuas.

Another Hotchkiss platoon deploys near the two attacker placed objectives, hull down on the hill.

Somuas take cover behind a wall, ready to repulse the Bosche.

German Panzer IIIs, Panzer IIs, Panzerschutzen, and Pioneers deploy with the HQ.

Panzer IIs and 6-rads ready to move through the fields.

The 6-rads scout ahead.


Panzerschutzen roll out.

The Luftwaffe arrives!  Unfortunately from here on out, the luftwaffe does absolutely nothing.

The Char Bs spring their ambush!

The Somuas pull back into the wheat.

Two halftracks go up in smoke!  The crews all die in the burning wreckage.  You can see my dog Scout nosing into Ron's stuff- I was completely oblivious.  She shredded some of Ron's smoke templates before we knew what was happening :(

"Incoming enemy tanks!"

The Chars drive forward and machine gun the pioneers- 3 hits 3 kills!

On the French right, a light tank platoon moves out to occupy the 6-rads.

The Pioneers advance on the Chars, but decide not to assault.  Per the scenario, the Chars are the first to be withdrawn.

The board from the French POV.  Panhards and Hotchkiss surround the wheat field objective.

The Panzer IIs surge forward.

The 6-rads and the H39s exchange fire.

The first French tank goes up!

With the Chars and Somuas now pulled off board, the Panzer IIIs advance, firing wildly at the hull down French armor.

Panzer IIs line up to pour fire into the French defenders.

The H39s on the hill return fire, knocking out one Panzer III!

A Panhard scores a kill on a Panzer II!

The Panzer II now swarm the French position.  Hotchkiss tanks begin brewing up.

The first objective is pulled as the platoon leader provides covering fire for his platoon-mates to redeploy with the company commander.

The Germans race against the clock to annhilate the French defenders.  So far the Somuas and Chars have been withdrawn and the Panhards destroyed.

The 2nd objective is pulled leaving only the Defender's objective.  The French send every available tank to hold it!

At the bottom of the German turn 7!  The French have now lost 1 Panhard Platoon, and 1 light tank platoon.  There are only 3 tanks between the 2 remaining light tank platoons, plus the company commander.  The French hold on by a thread!  But the Germans still have their turn 8 to try and annhilate the company!

Despite 7 Panzer IIs and 2 Panzer IIIs firing at full rate of fire, the only result is two bailed H39s!  The French literally have a single active tank, but they start their turn 8 still holding the objective and not yet below half strength.  Just barely earning them the victory!  4-3 to the French!

This scenario was a real nail biter.  Losing the Chars and Somuas early due to the withdrawal is awful, but using them aggressively can slow the Germans just long enough.

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