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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

1942 German Panzers vs New Zealand Rifles in Trench Fight!

Sean and I decided to try out a mission I rarely see played and have only done a handful of times myself! Having recently finished painting some Valentines and early Panzer IIIs, we settled on Trench Fight, 1942 in the desert!

HQ (1 Panzer III H, 1 Panzer IV F1)
1st Platoon: 4 Panzer III H
2nd Platoon: 3 Panzer III H
3rd Platoon: 4 Panzer IV F1
4th Platoon: 3 Panzer II F
5th Platoon: Panzerschutzen
6th Platoon: 10.5cm Artillery

HQ (+ Sticky Bombs)
Full Rifle Platoon + Sticky Bombs
Full Rifle Platoon + Sticky Bombs
Full Rifle Platoon + Sticky Bombs
HMGS + Sticky Bombs
Scouts (2 patrols, all with extra MG)
Valentine Troop
Grant I Troop
8 Gun RA Battery

The New Zealanders begin the game with 3 Rifle Platoons and the RA Battery on the board. One Rifle Platoon and the RA Battery are deployed in ambush. Fortifications stretch across the front, while a trench network connects the objectives (Sean wasn't quite done with the fortifications deployment here- he had a bit more trench line to place). The objectives are both on the left side.

The Panzer IVs line up, prepared to give supporting fire.

Panzer IIIs prepare to move out behind a screen of Panzer IIs.

More Mark IIIs

10.5cm Artillery prepares to coordinate the preparatory bombardment.

the Tommies in their trenches.

Fire For effect!


The bombardment has moderate effect. It knocks out a handful of rifle stands, and 3 of the RA guns in ambush.

The instant the barrage lets up, the Panzer IIs roll forward, screening the advance.

Followed by the whole company.

The Panzer IVs advance

10.5cm Artillery barrages the Kiwi infantry.

The Germans reach the fortifications!

And prepare to pour through the wire.

The first Panzer IIIs push through the scrub!

Mark IIIs bunch up in the difficult going.

The objective is in sight!

Panzer IVs are on the line, ready to blast away at any stubborn defenses.

Behind a smoke barrage from the German artillery, A battery comes out of ambush.

On the other side of the board, B battery shows themselves, and lines up over open sights!

The first New Zealand reserves arrive.

Shots from the 25 pounders shake up the crews, but do no lasting damage.

Meanwhile, the bunched panzers are punished by the other gun battery. Two Mark IIIs go up in smoke.

On the following turn, the Panzers recover and prepare to assault the New Zealand position!

On the other flank, the Panzergrenadiers reach the mine field.

The Panzer IVs are just barely in direct fire range of the 25 pounders, and knock one out.


In the end, one panzer burns, and two are bailed. The New Zealanders fall back!

The Panzergrenadiers line up along the mines, and look for their mine-removing tools. Unfortunately, these are little more than knives and sharp sticks.

the Consolidated position.

8th Army Grants arrive to aid the Kiwis!

Valentines navigate around the 25 pounders.

25 pounder shells erupt around the panzers but do no lasting damage.

The Panzer IVs, sneaking their way through the wire and around the AT obstacles, finish off one of the 25 pounder batteries.

With victory at hand, the Germans push into the British positions! The British fail their motivation to counter attack! The Jerries might have it.

EXCEPT both tanks bog down on their consolidation, leaving no active teams contesting the objective!!

The Panzergrenadiers go to ground, waiting for a chance to cross the wire.

The front lines.

The Valentines trundle past the Oasis.

The Grants move into a supporting positions, while the Company Commander urges the Kiwis forward!

The New Zealanders assault the bogged tanks and knock them all out! Hauptmann Oberst is killed along with his crew.

Panzer IIs and IVs move forward. In the distance the Grants can be seen brewing up from the AP rounds of the Panzer IVs.

Two Grants are knocked out, and 1 is bailed. The crew jump out of their tank and run for the rear! The Infantry curse at them as they know it's only a matter of days before they see that tank again- with an axis cross on it!

The other Panzer III platoon with only 2 surviving tanks crash into the trenches and grind down the Kiwi infantry.

In the end, the infantry including the company commander are crushed before the Panzers. The lone stand fails the sole survivor check and retreats.

At this point, the Germans clearly hold the forward objective. The Valentines cannot get close enough nor can they even take pot shots. The carriers that recently arrived from reserve are too far away to come anywhere near contesting.

After the Kiwis make a go at it, just to see what they can make happen. The Germans start their turn in posession of the objective.

Wow, what a great battle! I hope you enjoyed the pictures as well- I tweaked my camera quite a bit and I think the result is just great!

I have to admit- I think I had a solid plan and stuck to it. I'd send every tank I had through the difficult ground in the middle which Sean left only guarded by wire. My Panzer IVs would be last through- though they'd move forward to provide direct fire support. The infantry was on the right flank just to see if they could get anywhere- they didn't.

The final tally was 1 platoon lost for the Germans (a Panzer III platoon), and 4 for the Kiwis (2 rifle platoons, Grants, and a Gun Battery). But because of the Intense Battle rule, this one goes down as a 6-1 for Jerry.

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