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Monday, August 16, 2010

US Rifles (With sexy M3 TDs) vs Italian Bersaglieri (with sexy feathers in their helmets!)

Jaime is one of the n00bs I nurtured from noobhood. He, Sean, and Joe have all developed into solid players, and in typical Torres fashion he asked me not to go easy on him tonight. With pride I can say that this dude "gets it".

He, Sean, and I are rolling up to a tournament for Labor Day, and Jaime wants to run Italians. So I ran my 1500 pt US Rifles tournament list against him and we went to town. Can his Bersaglieri stop the green machine?

The mission is Breakthrough, and the Americans are on the move!

US reserves arrive before Italians! M3 TDs roll in, and blast a Bersaglieri HMG.

3x Combat Platoons
Weapons Platoon (with 2 lmgs, both attached out)
Mortars w/ 6 81mm tubes
M3 SPTD Platoon
4x M4 Shermans
Full I&R Platoon

Bersaglieri (CV) Full, no upgrades
Bersaglieri (FV) Full, no upgrades
Carri Platone (CT)
AB41s (CV)
75mm cannon Battery w/ observer (CV)
Lancia Battery (FV)

The board. You can see the objectives in the top right- building courtyard and the hill. Americans have rifle platoons at each flank, I&R & shermans in the middle, with mortars in support. Jaime's Lancias dominate the center. Bersaglieri in the top left, and to the right just off camera. Also just to the right off camera are the cannons. Bersaglieri have M14s and armored cars in reserve. Americans have the M3 TDs and another rifle platoon in reserve.

American Rifles are ready to go!

Shermans ready to open fire on the Lancias.

Tenente Torres deploys his troops to hold the line!

Romulus and Remus.

Italian Stallions.. er.. cannons.

US Mortars fire a preparatory bombardment.

Combined fire from mortars and Shermans obliterate the Lancias. Jaime learns an important lesson!

Italian cannons fire a bombardment on the Shermans and I&R patrol, but cause no lasting damage.

Doughboys of 1st platoon flank the Italian defenders.

And assault! The Italians take light losses and fall back.

1st Platoon consolidates their gains.

Counter battery fire temporarily silences the US Mortars.

The Italians rally against 1st platoon on the left flank!

The Shermans boldly drive forward with .50 cals blazing!

1st Platoon again presses home the attack!

On the other flank, 2nd platoon hooks around the cannon platone!

The US Right flank.

The US forgot about the HMG in the building… 2nd platoon takes heavy losses.

1st platoon takes casualties!

US reserves arrive before Italians! M3 TDs roll in, and blast a Bersaglieri HMG.

2nd Platoon rallies and prepares to take out the Italian guns!

2nd Platoon assaults! The Italian battery is gutted, but not destroyed.

1st Platoon keeps grinding down the Italian defenders.

5x M14s roll in, blazing away on 2nd platoon!

1st platoon on the left flank is at a standstill!

The board at this point. Jaime does not contest the objective on the hill!

2nd platoon disappears in a hail of twin MG fire.

The last of the US reserves arrive!

The Shermans finish off the cannon battery.

1st platoon finally finishes off the Bersaglieri on the left flank!

But before they can exploit their breakthrough, AB41s arrive with MGs blazing!

1st platoon can't catch a break.

Shermans open up on the M14s.

Jaime stays in the game at the last minute- realizing he has run out of time to contest the objective, he miraculously makes an avanti move to get into contesting range! M3s and Rifles are poised to grab the objectives.

AB41s continue to chew up 1st platoon.

M14s go for the gold and shoot at the M3s!

Fire from the M14s and an assault from the I&R finish off the M14s. Jaime's company is now below half strength!

The flank heats up!

1st platoon is barely hanging on. But pass two motivation checks to stay in!

Elefentinos rip apart the US halftracks! Jaime's Bersaglieri attempt a bold assault on the pinned Rifles, but are thrown back in defensive fire!

Combined US fire breaks the defenders, killing the company command. Jaime fails his company morale check, and that's game. 5-2 for the Americans.

CLOSING THOUGHTS- Solid game. Jaime has really learned what he's doing, and should feel good knowing this was a very hard fought battle.

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