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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Guns of August 2010 After Action Report

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Guns of August tournament! Originally slated for 16 players (8 allied and 8 axis), we had 6 no shows. Fortunately, we were able to scrounge up 2 players to get to 12 (the minimum required to be a qualifying tournament) but it did mean there had to be some blue on blue matches.

My terrain was stretched pretty thin, and so the boards were a bit more open than I would've liked, but I think overall the tournament went well!

Results and pics after the break.

1 Tim Grimmett (German Panzers) Best Overall
2 Jon Pate (German Pioneers)
3 Eric Turner (British Rifles)
4 Bob Bornham (German Panzers)
5 Chuck Carey (British Light Armour) Best Painted
5 Thomas de Mayo (American Armored Rifles)
5 Jimi Albright (German Schwere Panzers)
6 Kevin Kelley (British Rifles)
7 David Dietrich (American Rifles)
8 Mike MacNeill (British Rifles)
9 Joe Messerle (American Rifles) Best Sport
9 Aaron Meany (American Parachute Rifles) Blood & Guts Award

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