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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Indierockclimber, yellow jacket hunter.

I discovered a yellow jacket nest in the backyard the hard way. Tonight I got even. Here's my suit:

The full suit: 2 pairs of socks, duct-taped to my pants. gloves duct taped to my jacket. 2 shirts underneath. On my head: a towel wrapped around + a beanie, all duct taped in place. Then a lingerie shroud to keep them out of my face but leaving me with visibility.

I had a whole elaborate killing tool too: I took a big tupperware thing and cut a hole in it, then stuck the gas can tube through that. The idea was that I would sneak over, drop the death dome over the hole, and kill at my leisure.

In practice I was shaking in terror and just started wildly pouring gasoline while poised to run. I got swarmed by those guys while mowing- did not want that to happen again. In the end, they took 2 gallons of unleaded into their home. We'll see if they're still around tomorrow.


Eltnot said...

Awesome post, love the outfit.

jmilesr said...

I'm sure your armored visage struck terror into your winged adversaries.

"Duct Tape" is there nothing it can't do?


GeekEGuy said...

I'm sending you a bill for a new keyboard. Mine has coffee sprayed all over it now. Too funny man! I hope your wifey doesn't get mad that you show off her nickers like that. ;)

Duck Sauce said...

What, no ignition?

Gyro said...

Seriously, flame on!

Nice outfit, oddly reminds me of a yellow jacket actually, I think a pair of antennae just to mock them would've been the icing on the cake.

jmezz382 said...

I like Mik's suggestion ..... mocking them would get them on the mental level before lighting the ring of fire !

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