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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Indierockclimber, yellow jacket hunter.

I discovered a yellow jacket nest in the backyard the hard way. Tonight I got even. Here's my suit:

The full suit: 2 pairs of socks, duct-taped to my pants. gloves duct taped to my jacket. 2 shirts underneath. On my head: a towel wrapped around + a beanie, all duct taped in place. Then a lingerie shroud to keep them out of my face but leaving me with visibility.

I had a whole elaborate killing tool too: I took a big tupperware thing and cut a hole in it, then stuck the gas can tube through that. The idea was that I would sneak over, drop the death dome over the hole, and kill at my leisure.

In practice I was shaking in terror and just started wildly pouring gasoline while poised to run. I got swarmed by those guys while mowing- did not want that to happen again. In the end, they took 2 gallons of unleaded into their home. We'll see if they're still around tomorrow.

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