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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

French Panhard AMDs

Just finished up some French Panhard AMD armored cars. These are not Battlefront miniatures- they come from Peter Pig. This is the first time I've stepped away from BF in a large capacity (having previously only ordered odds and ends from other manufacturers).

I'll give my full thoughts on my first experience with Peter Pig after the pics!

Before weathering.

So in order to get the jump on Early War, I decided to order a slew of French vehicles from Peter Pig. I did not like what the FoW Army box for french armor had to offer, and I also hated that the Hotchkiss H39 came with 2 barrels- it means having to make the decision now and stick to it for years to come.

SO I went to Peter Pig, ordered 13 Somua S35s, 13 Hotchkiss H39s, and 5 Panhard AMDs. They were also very cool and let me order 9 extra Hotchkiss turrets with the different gun options. All said and done the price was just a tiny bit better than BF (pre-price increase). But just allowing me to customize my order like that was great!

The models themselves are outstanding. I really was surprised. Very good quality- it even looks like someone does some precursory "cleaning up" of the model before they ship it- some very obvious cuts in the metal where flash had been. I may be wrong about that, but regardless clean up time was minimal. I don't even think I had to break out the clippers!

The models themselves are all metal which gives them a nice heft (I have no idea why I prefer "weighty" models), but also makes them a little easier to work with.

My one complaint is that the turret hatches are all closed, and so modeling a tank commander sticking out of the top would be a fairly involved process. On the whole, Peter Pig can definitely expect more of my business AND my recommendations.


Hein said...

These are some nice looking and painted tanks.

bcantwell said...

Peter Pig has some great looking models and their service is outstanding. The shipping is also very reasonable; often it is less expensive than shipping from the US Distributor in California (Brookhurst Hobbies).

You should look into their infantry models as well. The French Motorized Infantry models are really nice. Some people don't like the "Peter Pig Face", but it's fine with me and does very well with the Magic Wash methods I use. I can shoot you some pictures of mine if you are interested.

indierockclimber said...

I'm definitely interested! Not sure buying the PP infantry and BF bases would be cheaper than just buying the BF stuff though. But for vehicles I am definitely sold :)

Itchy (aka Jared) said...

Those AMDs look great! I noticed that you even black-line the camo sections. That had never occurred to me. Really looks good. I picked up a couple of .20mm artist pens last night to give black-lining a try!

Regarding Peter Pig; I bought some late war German riflemen just last week. My plan is to build a scout platoon from them. The quality is outstanding. In addition, the molded metal base that the models are "standing" on is very thin compared to those on BF models. That'll make it much easier to putty over when doing the bases.

indierockclimber said...

Nice! You'll have to let us know how it turns out. They're pretty easy to work with. I haven't replaced mine in months and have gotten so much out of it, so they also last forever.

Peter Pig will definitely continue getting my business :)

bcantwell said...

Here are some links to photos of my PP French Motorized Infantry

25mm AT gun platoon

Infantry platoon

Command team

Infantry teams

Company HQ (Includes some figures from Old Glory command pack)

Three View of Old Glory 75mm Gun and crew

Staff team (Old Glory)

indierockclimber said...

That stuff looks great! Absolutely love the staff team :)

bcantwell said...

Thanks. For the next staff team I need to find a model for a Parisian Mistress to be hanging around the rear areas with the staff guys

bcantwell said...

By the way, I cannot wait to see your Hotchkiss. I went with Quality Castings for my first batch, but need to order more... It's great that Martin sold you the turrets separately. He did a similar thing for me, making me some custom Motorized 81mm mortar packs by swapping out the 60mm tubes for 81mm tubes from the french Regular Infantry Line.

indierockclimber said...

Yeah that flexibility in ordering with them goes a long way with me.

I'll probably knock out my Somuas first, then the Hotchkiss. I need to decide on a paint scheme for them. So far I am leaning towards this:

bcantwell said...

That's very similar to mine. I have a two color ochre and green pattern. The six I have so far are intended to be from the armor squadrons of the 11th Regiment of Dragoons de Portes. I have found some good photos of 11e RDP markings, but the are black and white and so no help with the color For the next ones, I need to find the colors and markings for 1e and/or 2e Curiassier of 3rd DLM.

By the way, if you haven't found it yet, check out the Char Francais website ( It is in french, but you can find your way around and it has literally thousands of photos of French armor and many of them are marked with the unit the vehicles belonged to if you want to mimic a particular unit.

Itchy (aka Jared) said...

I simply don't have the resources to branch out into early war at this point. I find that unfortunate considering how much I would like to build an early Polish list.

What I am doing is trying to build me current mid war grenadierkompanie in such a way that I could potentially take it to early war with just a couple of additions and/or subtractions.

Until such a time as I am able to make that transition however, I will simply need to live vicariously through you guys. :)

GeekEGuy said...

Awesome. They do look great. I orderd some German medics from the some time ago. I thought they looked pretty sweet. I may have to look at their Italian armor. :)

Eltnot said...

It's always nice to see what other manufacturers produce.

bcantwell said...

For comparison, here is a pic of the Quality Castings Panhard, which IMO is the best looking one of all.

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