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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

FIrst EW AAR! French Compagnie De Combat vs German panzers

Having recently completed some French tanks (Check them out here) and armored cars (Check them out here), I was anxious to get an Early War game in! Tom obliged, and showed up with his Czech panzer 38(t) company.

Read on!

HQ Char B1
Char B1 Platoon
Char B1 Platoon
Char B1 Platoon
Deep Recon Platoon (4x Panhard AMDs)

HQ (1x Panzer 38t, 1 PzI Command)
5x Panzer 38(t)
5x Panzer 38(t)
4x Panzer II C (late)
8.8 battery w/ extra crew
10.5cm Battery

We rolled up Encounter! I started with 2 Char B1 platoons on the board. Tom started with some 38(t)s, his 8.8s, and his 10.5cm artillery.

The board from the French POV. Our objective is in the bottom right, and just off the screen to the left. Tom's objectives are the truck along the road in the top right (placed 4" closer thanks to the French special rule!), and in the top left along the road.

The French prepare to roll out!

The French left flank.

German guns deploy, ready to drop shells.

The 38(t)s are no match for the Chars, but they do at least keep them tied to objectives.

The 8.8s dig in.

The French charge forward.

The Chars on the left hook around avoiding the 8.8s

38(t)s roll out!

The Chars prepare to cross the bridge and assault the German defenses.

A 38(t) bogs down crossing the stream.

10.5cm shells rain down on the French!

A wide flanking maneuver.

The first French reserves arrive.

The tanks on the bridge.

More French reserves arrive! The French attempt to encircle the encroaching Germans.

The Tanks on the bridge open up on the 38(t)s and the German artillery.

Two panzers are knocked out, with another bailed.

Smoke from the German artillery forces the French tanks to push far forward.

The Panzer company commander is knocked out. The remaining panzers retreat across the stream.

The Chars on the left flank finally reach the German board edge.

The 38(t)s regroup and prepare to probe the French left.

The French get brave and drive forward, MGs blazing.

The Panhards Take up a hull down position on the bridge.

Direct fire from the 10.5s and the first German reserves (pioneers) knock out 2 Chars! The remaining char passes motivation, but is a sitting duck with no company commander!

The Chars on the German right consolidate. A single 88 contests the objective!

The lone Char holding the French right knocks out 2 105s!

The lone 10.5 attempts a barrage on the Char, but fails to harm it.

It's now or never, Mon amie! The Chars charge out MGs blazing. The 88 survives, but two transports are knocked out.

The chars assault! Defensive fire knocks one tank out, but the 88 guarding the objective is knocked out! The remaining gun fails motivation and quits the field! The French now firmly hold the objective.

More German reserves arrive! A Panzer II crashes through the building to contest the objective and keep the Germans in it!

Meanwhile the 38(t)s make a push for the unguarded French objective!

The Panhards take no damage. Chars move to back them up but are too far from the objective! One brave Panhard must move out to contest the objective!

The very effective guns of the Panhards eviscerate the remaining panzers.

Meanwhile the Chars maneuver to set up effective shots on the Panzer IIs.

The lone char still holds the French right!

5 More 38(t)s make it to the French objective!

The Panhards take some damage, but hold their ground!

The Panzer IIs make a bold move to attempt to get behind the Chars, but count on their stormtrooper! They, of course, fail to storm trooper. The Chars eat them for breakfast. The French now hold the objective and there is no way the Germans can contest it.

Nevertheless, Tom moves out and annhilates the remaining Panhards.

In the end, the French hold the objective for the loss of one platoon. 5-2.

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