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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Dogs, Devils, and Tigers. (Thankfully, no Yellow Jackets)

US 3rd inf vs HG Panzergrenadiers

Both Rob and Joe came over tonight for some American goodness. Rob was anxious to get his 3rd ID on the board, so I rolled up some HG panzergrens and we had a good ol' fashioned bloody throwdown.

HQ + 2 Bazookas
Assault Platoon + extra stand
Full Strength Rifle Platoon
Understrength Rifle Platoon
Parachute Rifle Platoon
105s + AOP
57mm AT Platoon
Cavalry Recon Platoon
Weapons Platoon (lmgs attached, light mortars run separately)
HMG platoon (understrength w/ 2 guns, attached out)

German HG Panzergrenadiers
HQ + Panzerknackers + 1 Panzerschreck team
3x Full Strength Panzergrenadiers + 'knackers
Heavy Platoon (mortars kamfgrupped)
Pak 40s
2x Tiger IE (every shot counts skill)

The mission was breakthrough. We didn't roll for it, but decided the Americans should be the attackers.

The deployment. Germans get everything on the board, Americans keep one rifle, the AT guns, a parachute rifle, and the weapons mortars in reserve.

Germans deploy a panzergren platoon and the HMGs to move to the objective. pak 40s are in the far right just off camera to watch for flank attacks. Nebelwerfers in the top left. Americans mass the assault platoon, 105s, and 2 rifle platoons in their deployment zone.


The board from the German side.

Tigers Marsche!

Pak 40s keep the Americans honest.

The assault platoon surges forward under the cover of machine gun fire!

The nebelwerfers range in and disperse the platoon.

Fire in the sky.


And the first panzergrenadier platoon is crushed beneath the might of the assault platoon.

The Tigers nip at the assault platoon's heels.

Nebelwerfers continue raining on the assault platoon.

The German lines.

The first US reserves arrive- cav recon opens up on the German HMGs.

Despite the hail of MG fire, only two are knocked out!

A bloody hand to hand combat erupts on the German right.

And yet again the Panzergrenadiers are bested.

The Tigers go all out and assault the assault platoon. The assault platoon is well below half, but does not break.

Return fire knocks out 1 jeep.

The armored recon rolls up and finishes off the HMG platoon. Scratch 3 German platoons.

The assault platoon flanks the nebelwerfers and knocks one out.

German defenders are looking mighty thin.

Tigers hit the armored cav.

The assault platoon is poised to eliminate the remaining nebelwerfers.

105s hammer the pak 40s.


Miraculously the US miss the nebelwerfer! Whee no motivation to counter! Then the nebelwerfers whiff their counter attack and lose another gun.

The remaining gun fires in the following turn, nearly leveling the gun!


The paratroopers arrive.

105s continue hammering the paks.

Panzergrenadiers withdraw- not gonna let that big FV platoon assault me!

US reserves come streaming on.

The last of the nebelwerfer platoon holds their ground.

It's gotten very late, and the HG are clearly doing poorly. So I give the order to attack! My Tigers charge forward with MGs blazing.

We take out 4 Paras from MGs and the assault.

The Paras are weak, but counter attack. The Tigers fail motivation and break off.

Though they survive the situation is grim. My last panzergrenadier platoon is one stand from a break check. My kamfgrupped mortars are 1 stand from a break check. My Pak 40s are one stand from a break check. The rest of ym army is decimated. Though I think I could hold on for a while longer, it has gotten late and I decide discretion is the better part of valor and pull my boys out.

2-5, and I can honestly say Rob and Joe have the distinction of giving me the most solid beating I've had in a while!

Still, it was a great game- was a blast to see so much infantry!

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