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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Dastardly Disastrous Death from Above

This is the first time I've ever played Death From Above. Brian is an avid Fallschirmjaeger player and has been wanting to do one for quite some time. I chose British Guards Motor Infantry to defend.

Read on!

HQ + AT Team + Van Der Hoydte + Koch + Mortars
3 Full Strength Fallschirmjaeger Platoons
Fallschirmpioneers (Mounted in Gliders)
Recoilless Guns

3 Motor Inf (Guards)
Scout patrol (Guards)
HMGs (Guards)
8 Gun RHA Battery
Crusader Troop
Grant Troop

The British deployment. 2 motor infantry platoons in the center. HMGs in the town, and the 8 gun RHA battery. The 3 objectives are: the command post in the bottom left on the road, The Dorchester in the center (later removed), and the supply depot in the top center.

HMGs get ready for the assault.

The Royal Horse Artillery keep a watchful eye.

The calm is interrupted by a flight of low flying HS129s! The RHA escapes unscathed, but shaken. Suddenly the sounds of numerous planes fill the skies!

The Fallschirmjaeger begin landing, suffering only minimal casualties.

Troops fall intermingled with the RHA!

A glider comes to a screetching halt in the dead center of the motor company.

But surprisingly the pioneers are stopped by defensive fire!

The Tommies open up on the jerry gun teams.

The first British reserves arrive straight away, and move up to support the RHA!

Brits hold the line.

Jerry starts suffering losses.

The pioneers are thinned out.

The RHA direct fire obliterates a Fallschirmjaeger platoon!

Despite being lead by Koch, the pioneers fail motivation after being shot up by the Brit infantry!

The British contest several canisters, leaving the FJ without their weapons.

HS129s buzz the town, peppering the HMGs with fire.

One HMG is knocked out, but they are pinned!

The Fallschirmjaeger are prepared to fight for their canisters!

Some of the Fallschirmjaeger are able to get to their equipment.

An assault wipes out the FJ mortars.

Scouts arrive from reserves, and their MGs completely wipe out the recoilless gun platoon. The FJ are now below half strength, but they are led by Von Hoydte, meaning they pass motivation on a 2+.

The FJ have taken an absolute beating. All that remains are 2 combat platoons, one with their equipment and one about to grab them, and an HMG platoon with 1 gun.

And lo and behold, Von Der Hoydte's company morale check fails.

Wow, nothing really went right for Brian. His canisters were almost all behind British lines, his glider assault failed, and he had terrible luck with motivation rolls across the board. The British suffered relatively minor losses, with no platoons below half. I think we definitely need to try this one again.

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