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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Painting update for end of August.

Tons of pics after the break! I've gotten a ton of painting done since July. Been on a real FOW kick lately. Trying to get as much done before I burn out (which is inevitable).

Here's some recent painting I've done.

First up is an Open Fire! box set I did for FTW Games here in Midlothian.

Next up I have a Valentine II platoon I painted for my 8th army. Forgive me for the poor lighting.

And lastly I have a ton of the ubiquitous Hotchkiss H39. These are all short barrels except for the platoon leader, though I have spare turrets to upgrade them all.

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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Panzer Lehr vs Welsh Guards

Unfortunately, my wife's Aunt is losing her battle against Lung Cancer, and took a turn for the worse. Lydia and I had planned to spend the weekend visiting with my parents, but decided it best if Lydia fly down ASAP before she doesn't have a chance. Since we aren't made of money and can't board the dogs or pick up another plane ticket at a moment's notice we decided it best for me to stay here. I hope Lydia and her family know they are in my thoughts and have my sincerest condolences.

But, since I stayed here Sean came over itching to try out his British having just completed his first army list. So we set up the board and decided to square off. We rolled up Free for All.

3 Platoons of Cromwells, without the Challengers
3 Stuarts w/ extra AA MGs
25 Pounders (not quite done so they are ATV)
Rifle Platoon

HQ + Panzerschreck team
2 Full Strength Combat Platoons
Self Propelled AA
3x Pumas
3x Panthers

The German left. British held objectives are in the woods in the top left, and just behind the building in the top center. German objectives are behind the woods bottom left, and just off camera on the right.

British Cromwells and infantry are visible in the top center, along with their CO. Another platoon of Cromwells in the center, and Stuarts are hiding behind a central building after a recon move.

Germans have a PzG platoon in the woods on the left, pumas (after a recon move) and Panthers in the center.

The German right. Nebelwerfers, AA, and the other panzergrenadiers. Attached to this platoon is the Panzerschreck team, CO, and 2iC.

Pumas move cautiously through the wheat field.

The Panthers are ready to move out.

The halftracks idle, waiting the order to advance.

Sean has been working hard on his army, preferring (as I do) to only use painted miniatures.

Sean's riflemen take up residence in a wood.

More croms.

More Cromwells, along with the 2iC, Cromwell recovery vehicle, and a bit of my finger.

Turn one! Sean sends his cromwells doubling up my left!

On my right is more cautious.

Stuarts move up, waiting for an opportunity.

The Panzergrenadiers roll out in their halftracks!

Panthers and Pumas provide overwatch.

Nebelwerfers range in on the cromwells zipping up the left and destroy one!

Fire for effect!

After a succesful stormtrooper, the infantry are in a prime location.

The German center.

Cromwells are completely in the German deployment zone, machine gunning the nebelwerfer observer!

25 Pounders drop smoke on panthers.

The Nebelwerfer observer is gunned down.

The return fire on the panzergrenadiers is abysmal- one bailed halftrack!

The panzergrenadiers swarm forth, panzerschrecks blazing.

Pumas sneak forward with the unguarded objective tantalizingly close.

Panthers move out to get shots.


Under the cover of a nebelwerfer barrage, the panzergrenadiers prepare to assault!

The end result: 3 dead cromwells, 1 dead cromwell recovery vehicle. The 2iC and 25 pounder observer retreat. One panzergrenadier team is lost to defensive fire.

The German right. Things are looking poor for the British.

Feeling lucky, Sean prepares a very gutsy assault!

The AOP stares down the panthers.

A cromwell attempts to line up the Pumas.

The assault into the woods is somewhat predictable. 2 panzergrenadier stands lost in exchange for 3 cromwells (including the CO, and 1 Stuart). the two remaining Stuarts pull back.

The aftermath. Sean learned a very important lesson here :)

The Panthers continue to push the attack.

Panzergrenadiers advance.

The RA observer is mercilessly destroyed.

The German right.

The 2iC rolls forward! But, his shot wildly misses the mark.

Things are clearly very poor for the British.

As it's gotten late, we decide to call it here. Sean had never face Panthers or infantry with boatloads of native AT. But he is a go getter, and intends to keep running his list until he gets it down!

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