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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Soviet Guards Breakthrough Tankovy VS SS Wiking Panzerkompanie


I just finished my Panzer IV horde and Tom's been anxious to see his KV-85 horde go up against a medium tank list, we decided to shoot for 2000 points. I promised no heavy AT (no Kingtigers, panthers, or jadgpanthers).

The result was spectacular. This was easily one of the most fun games of FOW I've ever played! Read on to see how it went down.


HQ (1x KV-85)
4x KV-85
3x KV-85
3x KV-85
3x KV-85
Full Strelkovy
122mm Howitzer Battery (Across the Volga)

HQ (2x Panzer IV H) Ace Skill- re-roll misses
4x Panzer IV H (Panzer kanone- 6 /super tank)
4x Panzer IV H (Panzer Kanone- 2 /re-roll skill)
4x Panzer IV H (Panzer Kanone- 3 /re-roll skill/full ROF)
Panzergrenadiers w/ faust
10.5cm Battery (Across the Volga)

We rolled up Encounter (after deciding we really did not want to do a Cauldron- our original roll).

I elected to start with 2 Panzer IV units and my 10.5cm Battery ATV. Tom started with his big KV-85 unit, a small KV-85 unit, and his strelkovy.

The board from my perspective. My two objectives are very close together in the center. Tom's are spread out, but still fairly central (look for the rocket trucks with white stripes on the rockets)

My super kanone is on the right, and my weak kanone is on the left. The guy who rolled a 3 is in reserve, ready to hog all the glory.

Panzer IVs

Knight's Cross with Oak Leaves and Diamond panzer kanone.

The company commander (no schurtzen on the hull) and 2iC.

The Bolsheviks line up. Tom's company commander is hiding back in the woods like the cowardly communist dog he is!

The soviet view

Panzer IVs slip through a gap in the woods, vying for position and avoiding the soviet guns.

The other panzers are indecisive and go to ground in the face of massive tanks.

The KV-85s rumble forward. The CO bogs down immediately.

Like a bolt of lightning, a pair of HS-129B3s swoop down and pick off Tom's company commander!! I admit- it was a dick move. The only reason I did it was because it was the only place where a template got more than 1 tank under (the tank + 2 inf teams). Score one for the luftwaffe!

Panzer IVs push deep into Tom's territory lead by the dashing super kanone!

Soviet guns knock out the first Panzer IV and bail a second. I forgot we were trained! Being gone to ground at long range isn't a safe guard! I have to keep this in mind as I move forward.

The strelkovy (previously pinned down by the HS129) having watched their CO gunned down revolt and kill their kommissar! Tom is off to a rough start.

The offboard 105s smoke the Bolsheviks, but another Panzer IV is knocked out.

The two remaining pull back to a copse of woods where they can cover both objectives hidden from view.

The dashing platoon charges forward, MGs blazing, cutting into the strelkovy!

And then succesfully assault! But Tom's first reserves arrive- 3 KV-85s right where he needs them!

Tom's wall of Iron is temporarily diverted and the 2iC is knocked out.

Charge! For the Fatherland!

The German company commander sneaks forward for a side shot.

A KV-85 goes down- the platoon leader! And with no CO to appoint new ones, these other 2 KV-85s in a terrible tactical position are effectively done for. Unfortunately- they still have ammunition!

The return fire is brutal. The brave and dashing panzer kanone dies with his tank. When they found his body, they found 11 spent luger shells at his feet and 9 dead russians with pistol wounds.

You can't say the Germans weren't aggressive! But our bid for the backfield has failed.

Despite being fearless, without their commander the other tank crews flee.
Scratch one platoon for the Germans!

Another flight of HS 129s show up.

But long range fire from the battered Panzer IV platoon knock out the plane's target!

But finally German reserves arrive! Concentrating fire on a KV's flank that has pushed for the German objective. 4 KVs down so far! 10 to go.

After choosing their prey wisely, the Panzer IVs consolidate out of sight.

The company commander joins the 2 remaining panzer IVs.

More German reserves arrive! Panzergrenadiers push up the right flank.

The soviet tanks reposition, but fail to score any hits on the fresh panzers.

Scratch another KV for the luftwaffe!

Panzer IVs pull back as KVs build up on the German left.

Tom's 122mm battery ranges in and knocks out one of the 2 remaining panzers. They flee the field despite being fearless! The Germans are down 2 platoons, and 9 Panzer IVs now! One more platoon and it's company break check time.

Panzer IVs nip at the heels of the fat cow herd. Massed fire on the front of the tank causes no lasting damage, but forces the crew's heads down.

The Panzergrenadiers move forward and form a defensive line.

The panzers catch a break! Both KVs intending to move forward bog down in the woods! The shaken crew in the KV-85 on the road also fail to rally!

The Germans again concentrate fire and knock out the tank in the road before beginning a withdrawal.

A lucky KV shot knocks out my company commander!

The Russians surge forward. Their tanks threaten my objectives.

At this point the Germans are reduced to 4 Panzer IVs, a panzergrenadier platoon, and a nebelwerfer battery (which is on board, but in the very bottom right corner) with support from a 105 battery off board. A single platoon loss will cost me the game.

Tom has not lost a single full platoon at this point, but all of his platoons have taken beatings. His strelkovy has had trouble unpinning but still pose a massive threat. His 122mm Howitzers off board are still an issue.

The remaining panzers have no choice but to face the other group of KVs that are encroaching on the objective.

But judicious use of smoke form the nebelwerfers, fire from the 105s, and direct fire from the Panzer IVs knocks out a KV-85 forcing Tom's first platoon morale check- which he fails! Another KV out of there.

But there's more where they came from!

Just then a flight of 3 HS 129bs arrive. Opting to buy me time by pinning the strelkovy, I give the order to attack. 6 stands are knocked out and the strelkovy is gutted!

Things look grim for the Germans! return fire knocks out 1 Panzer IV, and bails 2 more!

Meanwhile 122mm guns range in on the panzergrenadiers killing two stands. My combat strength is disappearing quickly.

But both bailed panzers remount, and the platoon races forward for side shots! Again we kill one tank, and again the other tank breaks and flees the field!

We are both now in similar situations. This is sudden death- one platoon loss for either side will end the game! Tom has 2 immobile KV-85s, and 2 remaining mobile ones. He also has a gutted strelkovy company, which is below half strength. I am reduced to 3 Panzer IVs, a nebelwerfer battery, and my weakened panzergrenadiers.

And just like that my 105s knock out the platoon leader in Tom's last KV-85 company. The remaining tank does pass motivation, but cannot stop me from claiming the objective unless he is somehow able to knock out my 3 panzers.

Like lions after wounded prey, the Panzer IVs stalk forward.

My Panzergrenadiers pull back to avoid the 122mm howitzers.

The nebelwerfers have consistently provided smoke the entire game.

Tom's strelkovy and mission killed KV-85 platoon.

The last remaining KV-85 on the left flank. Tom has 3 KV-85s, none of which can move without a commander!

The strelkovy finally unpin and surge forward hoping to assault the nebelwerfers! It is now a race to the finish.

105s range in on the KV-85. The Panzer IVs approach cautiously.

The view from the nebelwerfers. The Strelkovy is too far away now.

And in one stroke, the Panzer IVs knock out the remaining KV-85 breaking Tom's company and capture an objective.

a hard fought 4-3 for the Germans.

WOW! What a game. That was intense- easily one of the most enjoyable games of FOW I've ever had.

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