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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Some painting done + a DAK motorcycle in the wild!

First up- I've finished my next painting task. 2 Italian objectives and 4 Autobilindo armored cars. I've started on 3 British Sherman IIIs to finish out the squadron. After that I have some LW German 8.8s and 15 DAK mediums to do. That will get me more or less ready for Early War!

I seriously love the AB41.

Secondly- while my buddy Justin and his lady were up visiting this weekend, I saw a guy driving a truck with a trailer pulling this:

I tried to hide my geeky enthusiasm from our friends, but finally broke. I snapped a pic and talked to the guy at the light. It's a 1939 BMW with a 15th Panzerarmee divisional logo on the back. I wish I would've asked him where he was going with it, cause damn it looked cool.

I compared the picture of the photo to my own 15mm guys and was delighted to find that FOW did a pretty good job of capturing the feel of that ridiculously cool vehicle.

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