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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Mediocre Panzer IVs

I am not terribly happy with the end result of these Panzer IVs, nor am I particularly happy with these pictures. BUT these 10 tanks represented a huge painting-motivation road block to me due to their complexity, so now that I've finally just gotten them done I am ready to move on. I figured I would post these pictures just to prove to those 80 odd little fiddley schurtzen parts that I WIN!

More pics after the break


webogre said...

I'm with you. I've been putting mine off for months. I miss the old ones. :-(

jmilesr said...

I think they look great and you survived building 10 of 'em - I struggled to complete 5!.

I did pick up a Brumbar platoon at Historicon and was scared to see 4 more sets of those plastic schurtzen's and their damnable holders.

One thing I have learned in playing with the Pz IV's on the table top is hat the skirts are very delicate and break off off. I've added a bit of green stuff to the center-inside of each skirt to improve it's stability - that helps a lot and does not impact the appearance.

I always enjoy your battle reports


indierockclimber said...

Thanks miles! I have the old brummbars and put metal schurtzen on. Dodged that bullet! I now have 14 panzer iv Hs. Never again!

jmezz382 said...

I think they look great ! .... Don't sell yourself short my friend

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