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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Italian Compagnia Carri vs US Rifles in Encounter


Tonight Joe and Jaime battled it out at Sidhi Bou Zid. I didn't take too many pictures, but here's what I did get.

Tonight, Jaime commanded an Italian Compagnia Carri. Joe ran US Rifles. The battle they rolled for was Encounter.

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5x M14 (CT)
5x M14 (CV)
5x M14 (CT)
Bersaglieri (CV)
AB41 Armored Cars (CV)
Semovente 75s

HQ + 2 bazookas
Weapons Platoon
4x M10 Battery
Full Combat Engineers w/ Sherman Dozer
105mm Battery
5x M5 Stuarts

Captain Joe.

Capitano Torres

The board. Torres started with his armored cars, bersaglieri, and one platoon of tanks. Joe started with his 105s, a platoon of rifles, and his Stuarts.

Armored cars roll out.

And immediately open up on Joe's infantry!

Joe's 105s range in on the Italians, knocking 2 cars out.

Stuarts move up to make some M14s think twice about their flanking move.

The AB41s continue the advance!

Their MGs spell doom to the Us infantry!

An elefentino AT gun knocks out a Stuart at range!

Stuarts reposition to knock out the armored cars. The platoon leader heads for the hills!

But Joe accidentally left his flank unprotected! Jaime contests the objective early!

Joe just barely remounts a bailed out Stuart and is able to contest the objective- with no reserves arriving, failing to remount would've cost Joe the game!

Jaime's M14s are out for blood!

105s range in on the carri, bailing one.

Spaghetti loads of Italian reserves arrive! M14s on one flank…

And on the other!

An elefentino knocks out a US rifle team at long range putting them below half strength!

While the freshly arrived M14s knock out another Stuart, putting them below half!

Joe then proceeds to fail his infantry platoon's morale check, and attaches his company commander who runs off with them! To make matters worse, Joe then fails his Stuart's motivation. With just the 105s on the board, and no Commander, Joe's company breaks giving the Italians a 5-2.

Joe had abysmal rolls for motivation AND reserves. 6 dice for reserves in total, with nothing arriving. 3 failed morale rolls in a row- a single one passed would've kept him in the game.

In 6 games, the Axis have really pulled ahead, stalling the allied advance!

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