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Monday, June 21, 2010

Pictures from a Hasty Assault Doubles game

Jon and I squared off against Luke and Brian yesterday for an epic 2v2. We each ran around 1000 points. We rolled up "Hasty Assault". Jon and I were attacking. The battle drug on for a while and didn't really reach a conclusion, though I think Jon and I have to relent and give it to Luke and Brian who had an excellent defense. Yet again, Armored Rifles prove to be absolute beasts.

HQ + 2iC Stug Gs
2x Zugs of 4ea Stug G

HQ + 2ic, add fausts and panzerschreck team
2x Full grenadier platoons w/ fausts
HMG Platoon
Pioneer platoon
Panzerwerfers (3 w/ extra crew)
Captured M4 Sherman

Armored Rifles
2x Platoons (1 understrength)
2 mortar tubes
4 Stuarts

Armored Rifles
2x Platoons (1 understrength)
2 mortar tubes
4 Shermans

Jon and I weighted our attack on the right flank which was weakly held by Luke's ARs. My game was marred with abysmal luck at all the wrong times, though all in all I think the Germans held their own. In the end we lost 3 Stugs to a wreckless assault, and a handful of infantry stands, though no full platoons fled. The Americans lost their Shermans and Stuarts, with 2 more AR platoons reduced to a single stand at the end of the game. Though in all, the Germans were kept from the objectives. I think if we had one more turn we could drive it home and win it, but the game must be called at some point.

The right flank, silhouetted by a full moon.

The one objective on the German side of the board

Armored rifles deployed in defense

ARs on the right flank

The center of the board

Stuarts are in immediate ambush and spring forth

ARs reposition

Stugs reposition to threaten the Stuarts

Pioneers and stugs move forward

Achtung Stug!

The captured sherman arrives from reserve and takes a pot shot at the Stuarts

Stuarts threaten the objective, and run off the German 2iC

Americans take some losses as the ARs reposition

The German assault is prepared

Grenadiers arriving from reserve with a tank hunter, the captured sherman, and redirected stugs knock out the Stuarts

The pioneers move up to assault, fire off two flame throwers and... miss every single shot? We decide not to assault in the face of the unpinned Americans.


Stugs try to get sneaky

The captured sherman MGs armored rifles

Finally the assault goes through.

Stugs whiff horribly.

And pay for it with 3 burning tanks.

The Germans push the objective, but more Americans arrive from reserve!

More Americans fall, but there are just too many amerikeners!

The left flank is solidly in German hands

The Germans try to force Brian's company to make a motivation check as time runs out

The Americans are battered, but ultimately hold the objective.

Not sure what to call this one. We didn't have a time limit going into the game, and both sides can certainly be blamed for stalling. I'm happy to give this one to the Americans, though I think one more turn would see the game a decided 6-1 for the Germans.

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