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Sunday, June 27, 2010

NAC vs NSL Patrols near Persii Omicron VII

Dusted off the old Full Thrust miniatures and refereed a battle between Admiral Lydia and Commander Sean. Each fleet was comprised of one light cruiser, 2 destroyers, and 3 frigates.

Brief report and pics after the break!

The NSL Patrol in far orbit of Persii Omicron VII.

The Light Cruiser KRS Kesselring

Long Range sensors indicate 6 targets coming out of FTL!

The RNS Constitution leads a small strike force of NAC Ships.

Accelerate to attack speed!

Helm, bring us about. Gunnery- get me a firing solution!

Targets coming into range!

The KRS fleet begins taking fire!

The Battle is on! The void is filled with beam blasts.

The RNS Stargazer takes catastrophic damage and goes down. The KRS Leopold takes heavy damage and begins venting.

The Leopold finally goes down.

Another NAC Frigate is lost with all hands.

The NAC lose another Destroyer, and the order is given to jump away.

Ultimately the NAC lose two frigates and a destroyer. The NSL lose a Destroyer.

Again, I am reminded that the NAC just cannot go toe to toe with the NSL, and unfortunately on a 6x4 table there just isn't room for the NAC to utilize their superior thrust.

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