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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

My sister is seriously an amazng artist!

Sean and I played through "Orpheus" (which is an absolutely phenomenal game put out by White Wolf a few years back).

In it, the player characters are living people who can "project" their spirits and interact with ghosts. The game follows a very cinematic meta plot that gets really really epic. In one of the more dramatic sequences, a player character (Retired Detective John Grimms who sees himself as a film noir detective while projected, since your own image (for better or worse) in your mind's eye of yourself shapes your physical characteristics) discovers that *something* is attempting to tear through the shroud. The shroud (or storm wall) which is the barrier between the lands of the living and dead is cracking, and John sees across the shroud and is horrified to witness an evil looking spectral army assembling in the shadowlands.

Please go look at her blog for more amazing artwork! Tito's Jams Link

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