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Sunday, May 2, 2010

US Rifles vs Fallschirmjeager in the Bocage

Fallschirmjaeger vs US Rifles in the bocage.

Brian and I played another game today in our club's ongoing Normandy campaign. I ran US Rifles and he ran Fallschirmjaeger.

As always, pics after the break!

3 Rifle Platoons
Weapons Platoon
I&R Platoon
Engineer Platoon w/ 3 bazookas
105 Battery w/ AOP
Cannon Battery w/ 4 105 light howitzers
Priority Air

HQ + Mortars
2 FJ Platoons
LG 40s
Armored Panzerwerfers
4x Stug G
3.7cm AAA

The board was heavy bocage and the mission was Free For All.

The board. US on the right, FJ on the left.

The American right. The objective is the smoking jeep in the center left. Rifles on the right, Engineers on the left.

The American left. The objective is in the road on the left. 2 Rifle platoons hold this flank.

The FJ right. 3.7cm AA Guns, Stugs, HQ Mortars, and a FJ platoon.

FJ Left. One FJ Platoon on the left and FJ Pioneers on the right.

First blood is drawn when the Stugs move up to the edge of the bocage and MG a rifle stand.

A rifle stand from the US I&R is knocked out by the FJ Pioneers.

Planes and 105s knock out 1 FJ Pioneer stand.

The US move up to the edge of the bocage.

LG40s and Panzerwerfers hammer the US right/

FJ Pioneers aggressively move forward. The flame thrower fires off its fuel and knocks out the US observer.

Mortars call in smoke to stop the observer from calling in the panzerwerfers

The FJ Pioneers are thinned out further by artillery

The is very little movement on the FJ right flank.

The Engineers charge forward under covering mortar and artillery fire, and completely knock out their FJ counterparts!

On the right flank a very succesful artillery barrage knocks out 2 FJ stands, 1 LG 40, and the LG 40 command team. Smoke is also ranged in denying them visibility.

the Engineers push forward. I completely forgot that pi

Brian's FJ on the US left move forward

The FJ move out, ready to counter the Engineers.

And line the road after a storm trooper move.

On the US left the FJ mass up, ready to assault.

The US smoke the FJ observer as both Engineers and the Rifle surge forward.

The FJ counter assault on their turn, but are wiped out by the Veteran Americans, who suffer heavycasualties of their own.

Having done their job, the American Rifle platoon heads to the rear to care for their wounded.

Brian makes a last ditch assault on my left, but is driven back by defensive fire from attached LMGs. He also failed to pin me, making this the first game EVER where I've gotten to re-roll my rifle shots in defensive fire for having "automatic rifles".

US Engineers grab the objective on the US right. 5-2 for the US.

And the current Sitrep:

in 8 battles, the allies have won 6 in an attempt to secure a foot hold in Fortress Europe.

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