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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Meet some Legends of the Old West

Some pictures of my Legends of the Old West miniatures.

The mysterious gunslinger known only as "66".

Meet the rest of the gunslingers after the break.

Empire, New Mexico.

The Witchita Kid, 66's right hand man. He does all the talkin'

Crazy Ol' Bart. Ex Union cavalryman turned to a life of crime. He's slightly touched by the angels.

Ol' Bart aboard his steed.

Abraham Williams, reluctant deputy with a bad case of the shakes.

Sheriff Jim Valentine.

Joseph Stillwater III. A former Pinkerton, and close friend of Valentine's.

The Vigilante Nathaniel White.

Nathaniel White was born in the saddle.

Kenneth Brandt on the left, a former prospector. On the right, fella name'o "Jim Dandy" an Englishman who knows his way around a saloon (and especially the ladies therein)

Kenneth and Jim Dandy again.

"Lefty" Lucy, known as Lucille to her father. Eager to prove herself as a reliable tough as nails gunslinger.

The De La Cruz brothers Miguel and Cesar.

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