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Thursday, April 22, 2010

US Rifles vs German Grenadiers in Bocage


Quick batrep here- last night was supposed to be our n00b Tunisian campaign, but all of the commanders were temporarily reassigned due to logistical issues. Sean still came by and we decided to play a late war bocage battle. Sean, though learning very quickly, is still fairly new to FOW. He played the Germans (for the first time) in the bocage (for the first time), so had a tough fight ahead of him. Since he's been picking the game up solidly, I decided to do him what I consider to be a favor and play my best rather than make it easy on him. Not to say I wouldn't give some friendly advice or help him get the most out of his ideas within the framework of the games.

So the board was set up on a 4x4 loaded with bocage, we rolled up FFA and decided to play 1000 points.

More after the break as usual!

US RIFLES (Confident Trained)
HQ + 2x Bazooka
Rifle Platoon
Rifle Platoon
Weapons Platoon (1 MG section)
4x M4 Shermans
105 Battery + AOP (across the Volga)
I&R Platoon

HQ + fausts & schreck team
Grenadier Platoon w/ faust
Grenadier Platoon w/ faust
Grenadier Scout Platoon
Nebelwerfer Battery (Across the Volga)
sdkfz 10/5 AAA
1x Tiger IE

The US right objective. The shermans are facing backwards so they can either cross the bocage and redeploy on the road or move forward, based on what Sean does with his Tiger.

The US central objective.

The German right objective.

The German left (US Right)

The US surges forward!

The Tiger dominates the road

The Tiger knocks out a US Rifle team!

On the US Left, a Grenadier platoon moves forward opposite the I&R Platoon.

The Tiger boldly crosses the bocage

The Germans mass in the left. The AAA manages to keep the AOP at bay, denying the US the huge artillery target.

So the AOP ranges in on the German right, blasting the Grenadiers. The I&R holds their ground.

The US Rifles race forward to knock out the unsupported tiger! The Shermans fire direct fire smoke to make sure the dogfaces can get into an assault.

The developing situation on the right flank.

Both US Platoons fail motivation to assault the Tiger, even with the CO! The Tiger pulls back across the bocage and knocks out a sherman.

The mass of Germans on the US right.

The I&R platoon moves forward. The Grenadiers pull back to cover the objective, but a succesful Time on Target barrage left them decimated.

The situation on the right is a mess!

The Germans attack!

Nebelwerfers range in on the GIs, pinning them down.

The Germans launch a succesful assault, and the US fails morale and pulls back to regroup.

The Tiger scores another kill. The succesful grenadiers consolidate back across the bocage.

The company commander ranges in the 105s on the mass of German troops.

The situation on the US Left is very bad for the Germans. The I&R Patrol moves into assault range and kills a grenadier team.

Unfortunately for the Germans, the grenadiers fail motivation leaving the objective in Americans' hands.

On the German turn he tries to at least grab a victory point by attempting to knock the Shermans out, but despite having "Every Shot Counts!", the Tiger fails to find his target.

The US start their turn in control of the objective for a 6-1.

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