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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Total Victory in Normandy (4000 pts per side)

Not really a batrep here, as I was *far* too busy fighting on 2 fronts to keep any kind of notes or take good pictures!

My dad came and stayed the weekend while my wife went out of town for ultimate brofest 2010. We ate pizza, drank beer, and of course, played lots of FOW. We got in 3 Total Victory games. In all 3 games I ran all of the axis forces while my dad and my buddy Sean split up the allied forces.
2 games were in Normandy, and the 3rd was mid war desert.

What we learned is that Total Victory is ALL ABOUT mobility. You need to be contesting every objective if you possibly can. Also you really need to prepare for recon troops coming in from reserve directly into your rear area. That gets ugly. 5 panzer IIs and armored cars won me the desert game by simply contesting both of his objectives for several turns.

As usual, pics after the break!

Anyhow, I am not going to do a detailed batrep here, but these are pictures from our first game. The Germans wound up winning by a few points for just holding more objectives.

*British Armoured Squadron*
HQ + recovery
3x Full Strength Platoons w/ fireflies
3x Stuart V

*US Tank Company*
HQ + recovery
2x Sherman Platoons
M4A1 Sherman 76 platoon
Stuart Platoon

*US Rifle Company*
3x Rifle Platoons
Weapons Platoon

105mm Battery w/ AOP
4x British M10c
British Rifle Platoon
7th Armoured Cromwell Platoon w/ firefly (Sean's first painted minis!)
Priority Typhoons

HQ (2x Stug G)
2 Platoons of Stug G
Platoon of Panzer IV H
2x FlakPanzer 38(t)

*Gepanzerte Panzergrenadierkompanie (Panzer Lehr)*
2x Full Panzergrenadier platoons
sdkfz 10/5 AAA

3 Full Strength Grenadier Platoons

Armored Panzerwerfers
Tiger IE
Grenadier Pioneers (full)

British deployment



Panzer Lehr backed by pioneers move into the town

Stugs prepare to race around the flank

British armor backs up US Rifles

US infantry holds the church

US Tanks prepare to move

Major MacLauchlan awaits his marching orders

Leftenant O'hara is ready to roll

Hauptmann MacLauchlan is ready to defend the fatherland

Panzerwerfers rain death and destruction

Panzer Lehr moves out

Stugs move to the hill. In our 2nd game this hill was the focus of very heavy fighting between our armor.

Panthers secure an objective with no allied forces nearby.

Typhoons scream in at tree top level.

Shermans attempt to ross the small wood lining the roads.

British Stuarts arrive from reserve and knock out a flakpanzer

American Stuarts move up backed up by M10cs

Panthers move into firing position

Panzer IVs sight in on the M10s

stugs are diverted to deal with the Stuarts

The AOP easily spots the Stugs in the open

Panzerwerfers and direct fire from German armor whittles away the M10s

fire in the sky


Panzer IVs

The American CO shortly enrolls his tankers in driving school.

Other shermans decide to avoid the woods.

A lone typhoon scores a kill on a panthers

Panzer lehr holds another objective

Several turns in, it was clear the allies had little hope of catching up on victory points. Total Victory is tough to get your head around and understand that it's all about mobility and nabbing objectives.

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