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Friday, April 9, 2010

Noob Campaign game 2 @ Sidi Bou Zid

Wednesday night we had the 2nd Tunisian noob campaign battle. This time it was Joe's US Tanks vs Jaime's Panzers at Sidi Bou Zid.

The US had 11 shermans in 3 platoons, Armored Rifles, A Priest Battery, and a little recon unit.

The Germans rolled in with 4 Panzer III Ns, 3 Panzer III Ls, 3 Panzer IV F2s, a panzergrenadier (schutzen?) platoon, 4x Panzer II F, and armored cars.

The mission was Encounter. A sandstorm was in full effect, so we utilized the nightfighting rules.

The map after turn 2.

Tonight also saw the first weekly IRON LYDIA, whereby my wife (who loves to cook- I win!) will cook food for the troops using a "secret" ingredient decided by us the previous week. This week the ingredient was cream cheese per Dallas' request. Next week will be avocado.

She made a chip + dip appetizer, stuffed shells for dinner, and a delicious pastry for desert. She's working on a blog to display her endeavor (tentatively titled FEEDING THE TROOPS). I'll link it when it's ready.

Let's get on with the batrep shall we? Click more, you know the drill.

Initial deployment. On Joe's side (with Jaime's crotch being North), we have armored rifles to the West, a Sherman platoon and the HQ in the center, an objective and the second sherman platoon to the East. Further to the west is the 2nd objective and the 2iC.

On Jaime's side we have an objective to the North West surrounded by panzergrenadiers in buildings. Panzer III Ls and the HQ in the center (in front of the 2nd objective), and armored cars to the East.

Joe's East flank.

Schutzen take up residency in the town.

Panzer III Ls and the HQ deploy in Jaime's center.

Joe wins the dice off for first turn and makes a sweeping right hook towards Jaime's lines.

Jaime's panzers defend the precious ginger ale supply.

The confident Americans move forward

Achtung!! Rocks are difficult to navigate at night!

The armored rifles hop out of their transports.

The company commander gets stuck on the rocky tunisian hill.

The German forces

Americans continue their wide movement, zeroing in on the Panzer IIIs.

Just as the Americans take up their position, the sandstorm relents. The panzer IIIs fire, but the strong detroit armor protects the doughboys.

Joe's reserves begin arriving. His final Sherman platoon comes on to his West.

Long range shots are taken on the III Ls.

More of Joe's reserves arrive.

First blood goes to the Americans!

Panzer IVs arrive directly behind a Sherman platoon!

But Jaime can't roll firepower to save his life! The Americans pass their motivation check.

The Americans concentrate fire on the Panzer IIIs.

Combined fire from the priests and Shermans knock out one Panzer IV and bail another.

The Ls fail motivation and quit the field after both surviving tanks are bailed!

And again the Shermans are bailed but pass motivation!

Joe's recon platoon arrives from reserve but are immediately cut down by Jaime's armored cars.

The Shermans and Panzer IVs duke it out.

Stabilizers prove useful in the desert fighting

I don't remember what this roll was for, but it's proof that Jaime CAN roll good dice :)

It definitely wasn't a roll to remount…

The lone remaining Panzer IV DOES finally remount, and pulls back to try to take down the American HQ

Panzer III Ns arrive from reserve!

And dispatch another sherman.

The American CO, having survived his brush with death, continues to dance with the remaining Panzer IV.

Meanwhile, another Sherman platoon attempts to join the fray.

The 2iC knocks out a freshly arrived panzer II.

The East flank.

Panzer IIIs push into the woods for side shots on Shermans. The Shermans run away after intense casualties!

Detail: burning panzer IV

Detail: burning Sherman

Another burning Panzer IV

The III Ns consolodate their position. Now they are only threatened by the HQ, and 1 other tank in the East.

A Sherman gets bailed. Another Sherman platoon can be seen in the top center hugging the cliff.

The battlefield, nearing the end. The Germans have lost their panzer IVs and III Ns, while the Americans have lost one Sherman platoon and a recon platoon.

The priests move forward

The Panzer IIINs open fire on the approaching Shermans

The Shermans shrug off the blows, and make a bold push for the objective!

The Schutzen seize their opportunity and charge the Shermans in the rough patch! One Sherman bogs, and one is bailed out by fire from the III Ns. The assault, however, fails to do any damage.

The Americans counter assault and kill one stand. The germans heartbreakingly fail their motivation and fall back!

And with his consolidation, Joe claims the objective.

And with that, Joe starts his turn holding the objective, giving the game to the americans in a 4-3.

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