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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Italian Carri Compagnia vs British Light Armour

After a long day of manliness (watching trucks drive through mud, and grilling chicken) Sean and I decided the best way to end it was with a FOW Battle. Having just finished my 1st Bersaglieri Group, we decided to do my Italians vs my British Light Armour. Sean is brand new to Flames of War but definitely knows what he's doing.

We decided on Encounter since we were both armor forces and Encounter is a blast with armor vs armor.

Though unrelated to the North Africa campaign we are running, Sean wanted more experience with a wider variety of British forces.

As always, tons of pics after the break!

HQ (4x Crusader II CS)
4 Troops each with 1 Crusader II and 2 Crusader III
1 Grant Troop
1 Motor Infantry Platoon
1 4 gun RHA Battery
1 Scout Patrol w/ extra MGs
Sporadic Hurricane IIDs

3 Platoons each with 5 M14/41
Semovente 75 Battery with 4 Semoventes
Bersaglieri Group
5x L6/40s

The table from the Italian perspective. Italian objectives are on the road in the bottom left, and to the right of the scrub in the bottom right.

British Objectives are in the very top left behind the trees, and between the hill and the trees in the top right.

I elected to start with one platoon of M14s (FV), my Semoventes (CV), Bersaglieri (CV). Sean started with his RHA Battery, Motor Infantry, Grants, and 1 crusader troop.

The M14s prepare to move out under cover of the Bersaglieri's Elefintino guns.

The Semovente deploy across a broad front, while the Bersaglieri are stretched to cover both objectives.

Semovente 75 are more than a match for any British tanks in this fight.

Crusaders and Motor Infantry prepare to take the fight all the way to Rome.

The 2iC takes command of the HQ Crusaders under cover of the RHA Battery.

Grants are monsters to Italian vehicles.

The Semoventes race forward, guns blazing. They bail two of the Crsuaders but do not score any kills.

M14s move out, but stay hidden form the superior British guns.

British Hurricanes swoop in low, cannons blazing.

The Crusaders charge forward ready to face the Semoventes. They fail to score any hits, however.

The single Hurricane that shows up, knocks out one M14 and bails another.

The British HQ Platoon makes a sweeping move around the Italians' right flank.

The M14s stay sneaky, with the Grants lurking just across the road.

The Semoventes again pour fire into the Crusaders, bailing the commander again but not scoring any kills.

The Bersaglieri dig in.

The Grants lumber forward and knock out an M14.

The first Italian reserves arrive. A fresh platoon of M14s (CV) surround the HQ platoon and open fire.

And again score 2 bails but fail to kill anything!

The Semoventes leap on the opportunity to shoot the Grants in the side armor

The Fearless Veteran M14s also swarm around to the Grants' flanks

Continued fire from the fresh M14s on the HQ platoon scores a kill.

The Semoventes, meanwhile, continue to fail every firepower roll against the Crusaders.

The Italian Commander tries to score a hit on the Crusaders and force a morale check, but misses his mark.

The Italians finally have some success and knock out two grants.

The HQ platoon pulls back, but their howitzer is no match for even the Italian armor.

Fresh Crusaders reinforce, and open up on the Semoventes.

The remaining Grant swings around for rear shots

Hurricans try to hit the Bersaglieri, but fail to spot them

The view from the rear planes of the Hurrican flight.

The right flank continues to be a game of little success between the HQ Crusaders and the Italian M14s

First blood in the left flank battle! A semovente falls to a 6 pounder round.

The remaining Grant and British CO fail to score any hits

The Semoventes strike back, knocking out 2 Crusaders at long last.

The Fearless Veteran M14s knock out the remaining Grant in a brutal knife fight.

And a second Crusader of the HQ troop goes down. The 2iC bails out, but sticks around.

A 3rd Crusader platoon arrived to face the Semovente.

The Fearless Veteran M14s pull back, and weigh their options

L6/40s arrive from reserve, and double time along the Italian rear area.

More M14s (FV) arrive from reserve, as the Semovente platoon quits the field of battle.

The Crusaders win against the Semovente after a long fight.

The Semoventes fail a morale check and run. The Fearless Veteran M14s push back the burning wrecks of their previous quarry and take rear shots on a Crusader II.

The M14s who knocked out the HQ platoon concentrate fire and knock out a 25 pounder.

The Motor Infantry moves out, ready to assault the M14!!

Crusaders race forward, outmaneuvering the Italian company commander.

The Motor Infantry weather the MG fire and manage to pull off an assault!

Without sticky bombs, the British are outmatched against the Italian tanks. The British retreat after one round, with light casualties.

The Italians consolidate, pushing for the objective.

Meanwhile, on the left flank, the Italians outmaneuver the British and knock out a Crusader II and bail a Crusader III.

Italian Machine Guns open up, decimating the motor infantry, while the 2iC having made the long retreat back is bailed out, but still manages to keep in the fight!

The second Fearless Veteran M14 platoon swings out knocking out another Crusader platoon.

M14s and L6/40s pour through the opening in the British lines.

A 25 pounder barrage knocks out an M14.

The Universal carriers finally arrive from reserve, though are virtually useless now.

The last Crusaders arrive from reserve, hoping to take back the threatened objective.

The furball with L6/40s, and M14s.

The L6/40s race forward and machine gun the Motor infantry, killing another stand.

On the left flank, the M14s begin racing for the other British objective.

The L6/40s prepare to assault the motor infantry.

The M14s knock out the British company commander.

The L6/40s make the game winning assault, knocking out the remaining British infantry.

The carnage. The British, now below half strength with the loss of 3 crusader troops, the Grants, and the motor infantry, and with no company commander quit the field.

The Italians, having lost the Semovente, score a 5-2 win.

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