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Friday, March 26, 2010

Sean and Joe 1000 point battle (just a few pics)

Just a few pictures from a 1000 pt test battle between Joe (Germans) and Sean (British).

The game didn't really get resolved since Joe had to head home early, but both players learned a lot. The Germans lost one infantry platoon, and the brits lost their tanks.

More pics after the break!

British Artillery

Panzergrenadiers move out

The British dig in and hold their objective

More artillery after taking fire from the German artillery

Panzer IIIs sneak around a plateau

The British move out

Panzer IIIs

The British artillery continues to get hammered

And is nearly pummeled to dust

Unfortunately that was all the pictures I got. The brits fended off a German assault, and proved they truly are "British bulldogs!". Sean learned some valuable lessons namely, don't double time your Grants when Panzer IIIs are about, and spread out on deployment!

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