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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Noob friendly Tunisia Campaign

I whipped together a very lightweight "campaign" to give some structure to games I'm doing for some newcomers.

Here's the map, and the lightweight rules are after the break. Individual battle reports will be posted as the campaign moves along.

The Campaign rules are going to be very simple. The Allies have 10 turns to capture Tunis, capturing a vast amount of axis men and equipment, and expediting an assault on Europe!

There are two "axes of attack" One for the Americans, and one for the British. The allies are also competing with each other to be the first to enter Tunis.

Each location on the map requires 6 accumulated victory points to be captured by the allies. The axis can never capture locations, but only stall the inevitable. If they last to campaign turn 11, the axis win, allowing time to regroup and supplies to arrive prolonging the north african campaign and further delaying an assault on Europe.

INDIVIDUAL BATTLES- Each location has a writeup of historical information, special rules, and forces to be used. Both the special rules AND forces to be used are *only* for the first battle fought there. Subsequent battles will have no special rules, and forces can be of any appropriate type.

Victory points are per the standard scoring scheme.

*Although the Germans can never capture locations, in many individual battles they can still be the attacker in the scenario. Germans are very good at achieving the tactical initiative, but their supplies are very thin and thus lack the ability to recapture the strategic initiative.

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