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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Joe's AAR (crosspost) 1000 pts US Gliders vs Grens

Had a great game last night with Joe! Here is his AAR, taken from his excellent blog: Lead, Paint, and the General

All pics and writeup by Joe.

For being Joe's first proper FOW game, I have to give it to him- he definitely "gets" it. He needed no tactical help, as his plan was solid. All I tried to do was teach him how to apply his plan and make the rules work for him. I'm a notoriously bad teacher, but I think I did an okay job!

**UPDATE** My copy and paste of Joe's AAR has wreaked havoc with my formatting, so I'm just going to save us all the trouble and direct you to his site for the excellent pics and write up: 327th Glider Infantry Grind out a Win. Enjoy!

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