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Thursday, March 18, 2010

German Czech Panzerkompanie vs Soviet Strelkovy

Mid War German Czech Panzer Company vs Soviet Strelkovy.

This is the first full game of FOW I've hosted at my place, though I've played every day since Sunday! On sunday Joe and I had a 1000 pt skirmish to show him the ropes. Both Monday and Tuesday my good friends Jaime, Sean, and Dallas came by to learn the game. I think they are all thoroughly enjoying it, and I'm doing my best to get them hooked!

Anyhow, this was my first ever outing with (borrowed) soviets. I can't wait to paint up a soviet army of my own!


HQ (2x Panzer 38(t))
4x Panzer 38(t)
4x Panzer 38(t)
5x Panzer 38(t)
3x Panzer IV F2
3x Marder II
Nebelwerfer Battery


HQ (HQ, Battalion Kom, 4x ATRs)
Full Strelk Company + Kom + HMG
Full Strelk Company + Kom + HMG
10x emchas
4x Su-85
2x Flame Throwers

The mission was Hasty Attack. In Hasty attack 3 objectives are placed in the defender's half of the board (one is removed after deployment), and one objective is placed on the attacker's side of the board.

View of the board from the soviet side. All 4 objectives are visible. After deployment, the central objective was removed.

The Soviet right.

The soviets elect to deploy one Strelkovy, while putting the emchas in immediate ambush.

Even the attacker gets to begin this mission in prepared positions. Tom chooses to put his Panzer IVs, Marders, and Nebelwerfers on the board, while holding all of the 38(t)s in reserve.

The Panzer IVs and Marders

The Marders begin in the woods

The emchas spring their immediate ambush aggressively far forward.

The emchas double time towards the nebelwerfers

German reserves arrive, and the rest of the army shifts towards the emchas

Nebelwerfers fire on the massed soviet tanks.

The Soviet tanks rumble forward, MGs blazing and assault the nebelwerfers.

Conscripts suck. 2 guns are knocked out.

More German reserves arrive. 38(t)s rush to the emchas' flanks, while Panzer IVs and marders snipe from a distance.

The Soviets MG the remaining nebelwerfers, running the platoon.

emcha casualties begin mounting.

So much German armor!

The second strelkovy company arrives from reserves and double times up the left flank! Honestly, this was a terrible idea. To be honest I only put them there because I didn't want to get all the stands mixed up. I have to get used to units with 30+ stands if I want to play soviets!

The SU-85s arrive from reserve as well.

For the motherland!

The emchas pull back, and inflict heavy casualties on careless 38(t)s.

The German guns line up to blast away at the SU-85s.

German armor continues pouring in from reserve.

The emchas pull back to regroup.

one panzer IV falls to the SU-85s

The SU-85s took a beating

Panzers marsch!

The Shermans move up, poised to strike!

The 38(t)s begin moving forward and taking pot shots at the strelkovy.

The horde marches on.

The Panzers sit and blast away

Casualties begin mounting

The Shermans strike, knocking out one Marder and bailing another.

The Germans redeploy.

Onward brave soldiers of the motherland!

The soviet high water mark

The Soviets final push!

They knock out the Panzer 38(t) and the Marder II. At this point the new platoon leader of the Marder IIs becomes the bailed out guy, but I remembered later that for mission tactics to work you have to be in command range. Oh well- moot point, just figured I'd mention it here so we can all learn!

The shermans fail motivation and run away after the panzer IVs crash into the woods and blaze away. Pity!

The 38(t)s line up and blaze away.

Though the Germans are pretty much guaranteed victory at this point, they decide to charge for fun!

Several soviet stands and one 38(t) fall.

Despite still having 50 or so stands of infantry, we decide to call the game at this point.

Tom is left with something like 11 38(t)s, a marder, and 2 Panzer IVs. He's in no danger of being pushed off my side of the board (I can't possibly get through that defensive fire), and really has no reason to assault unless he's feeling chivalrous. So we call it a 4-3. Not too bad for my first outing with Soviets!

I think I need to learn how to use the infantry and SU-85s right. I think I used the Shermans very well though. All in all I like soviets so far!


Hein said...

An other great batrep.
There are a lot of tanks and infantry involved.
And your new made woods are looking good on the table.;)
This was a different Hasty attack mission then the one i played at the tourney.
PS Like your flavicon (is it called that way?) the German cross. How do you make one?

indierockclimber said...

Hein, what was different about it? We played the one from the US Nationals.

The Favicon was pretty easy to do, just follow this tutorial: Let me know if you need any help!

Duck Sauce said...

Looks like fun! Great pics, as usual.

Hein said...

We played the one from the BF website.
There were only 2 objective. Placed in the Defenders deployment zone. And the only thing the defender has to do is trying to keep the attacker from claiming 1 of the objectives, which he can do after turn 3, till time is up. For all the rules follow the link.

Most of the missions played at the US Nationals or any other grand tournament and are not in one of the books aren't known over here.

Thanks for the link. Let's see if i can make a nice Favicon for my blog.

Hein said...

I have one question about the favicon.
Where do you host the file? The 2 mentioned on the site (myFavatar and Flickr) don't work.
Thanks in advance.

indierockclimber said...

I had to host it on my personal site since I couldn't upload a .ICO to photobucket.

Hein said...

I got it working. I also host it on my site
Thanks for the help.

jmezz382 said...

Great looking game Steve, any success in recruiting new generals ?

I am looking forward to bring the pain on some Soviets. Plenty of targets to engage that is for sure.

indierockclimber said...

Heon- it looks good!

Joe- yeah I think I got some people interested. When you up for a game again? Monday night maybe?

indierockclimber said...

And by "heon" I mean "hein" damn my sausage fingers.

jmezz382 said...

I work 24 on Monday. I am off Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday though .... any of those work for you ?

If you still have the borrowed Soviets we could start some Kursk skirmish ...

Hein said...

Don't worry. I am used to it that people spell my name wrong. British have this strange behavior to spell my name as HIEN instead of Hein. ;)

jmezz382 said...

@ Hein - I know your pain ..... people butcher my last name all the time lol

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