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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Beaten by a n00b!

British Motor Infantry vs Schutzen in Encounter.

In this Battle Report you will see Steven MacLauchlan solidly beaten by a n00b. Everyone keep their eyes on Jaime Torres!

As always, way more after the break

British Motor Infantry
2 Full Motor Infantry Platoons (no sticky bombs)
Scout Patrol
HMG Platoon
Armored Cars (3x Humber II)
2 platoons of 3x Grants
8 Gun RHA Battery

German Schutzen Company
HQ +HMGs (kamfgrupped)
3 Full Schutzen, sans mortars, w/ knackers
Armored Car Patrol
4x Panzer III N
10.5cm Artillery Battery
8.8cm Battery w/ extra crew

The Germans began with 1 schutzen, HMGs, artillery, and the 8.8s on the board. The British began with both motor platoons, the artillery, and the HMGs.

The 25 pounders cover the British right flank and right objective.

Motor Infantry deploy along the left, covering the British left objective.

German HMGs deploy on high ground

8.8s deploy behind a hill crest, with a German objective immediately behind.

German Schutzen deploy in the center

10.5cm Battery deploys on the British Right.

One of the 25 pounder battery digs in, but the other fails

British Motor infantry move into a small copse of woods

Schutzen move out

The 25 pounders fire a murder on the 10.5cm battery, knocking out one gun

The early turns see very little maneuver, as both companies dig in and wait for reserves.

A second barrage knocks out a 3rd gun, neutering the battery.

The first reserves arrive, and a Grant platoon takes cover in a small wood.

German schutzen reserves arrive

The new reserves stormtrooper into the woods, beginning a many turn standoff

The women and children watch a movie while the battle rages

The British push forward

The standoff begins. It lasts many turns.

British scouts arrive from reserve

The British capture almost all of the buildings

The Grants go to ground, afraid to move forward with the sound of diesel engines in the distance

The Panzer III Ns finally arrive, racing forward, guns blazing.

The Schutzen also arrives, both reserves exactly where the Germans need them

A barrage from the German 105s, and the 75mms of the Panzer IIIs knock out 1 Grant.

In a rush of excitement, the second platoon of Grants arrive from reserve, and race to the Panzers' flanks, as the 25 pounders fire a murder and the other grants open up from their position in the trees. Unfortunately, only a single Panzer III is destroyed.

The Grants fire from a concealed position.

Humbers arrive from reserve

The panzer IIIs scoot back behind the fresh Grants, knocking one out and bailing the other two. Unfortunately, the British then fail their morale check losing two perfectly good tanks!

The Germans prepare to assault the British! But failing to pin the infantry, the Germans think better of it and stormtrooper away.

25 pounders continue barraging the freshly arrived Germans, but just can't knock out any more panzers.

The British scout patrol knocks out another 10.5cm gun, and the staff team. The 1 remaining gun and battery commander stick around.

25 pounders knock out an armored car

25 pounders soften up the infantry, and knock out an HMG.

In a very bold move, Jaime sends the Panzer IIIs into the wood where the Grants had receded, and despite the Grants being gone to ground, one is destroyed and the other is bailed.

The British are in a perfect position to knock out the German stronghold that keeps them from the objective. Recon lifts gone to ground, and the observer has 4 chances to bring all 8 guns in on a murder. But the dice gods turn their back on me, and the 25 pounders fail to range in!

Because Jaime is on my other objective, I decide the time for action is now. The Motor infantry assaults, but unsurprisingly, they are pinned by defensive fire.

At this point we've been playing for hours and Jaime has the clear advantage. I don't think my chances were impossible, but Jaime was in a great position.

Outplayed by a n00b!
Jaime's going to be a great player, I can't wait to battle it out with him again!

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