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Friday, January 1, 2010

Panzerkompanie vs Motor Infantry

21st Panzerdivision Attacks 8th Army Motor Company in No Retreat

21st Panzer
HQ (1x PzIII N, 1x PzIV F2)
1st Zug: 4x PzIII N
2nd Zug: 4x PzIII L
3rd Zug: 3x PzIV F2
4th Zug: 5x Pz II F

8th Army Motor Infantry
2x Combat Platoons w/ Sticky Bombs
Scout Patrol
Humber II Armored Car Patrol
Light Armour Troop (2x Crusader III, 1x Crusader II)
3x Kingforce Churchill III
8x 25 Pdr Battery

The British are defending a small town. Both motor platoons, and the 25 pounders deploy on the board with the Churchills placed in ambush.

The Germans line up with their Panzer IVs on the right. The Panzer IIIs deployed in the center, and the Panzer II Fs on the left flank.

Plenty more after the break.

Massed medium tanks prepare to strike

The Panzer IVs race past Coca-Cola Spire

Stiff upper lip lads!

The thin red line

The 25 pounders deploy close to the action

The Panzer IIIs continue to race forward.

At this point, the Germans have advanced forward and begin trying to knock out the right most 25 pounder battery. The 25 pounders launch bombardment after bombardment in retaliation but fail to do any lasting damage.

The Panzer IVs take long range shots at the 25 pounders

The British reserves begin trickling in. The Crusaders begin racing up the left flank.

The Panzer IIIs continue to advance on the british, lining up and blazing away with HE.

The Panzer IIs sit indecisively, debating which way to go.

The Panzers begin taking their toll on the brits.

The 25 pounders continue to call in fire on the panzers, but the panzers shrug off the shells.

The British crusaders move to engage the enemy, but fail to score any hits.

More reserves trickle in, this time with the humbers racing on up the road.

The panzer III Ns return fire on the crusaders, destroying one and bailing another.

The Panzer III Ls take up position on some high ground, and continue sending shells in the direction of the british.

The Churchills spring their ambush and trundle to the flanks of the Panzer III Ns. One of the churchills bogs down and throws a track in the woods. The two six pounder shots bail one of the panzers, but that's it.

The crusader II races forward, leaving the III behind to provide covering fire with the 6 pounder.

Panzer III Ns race to the flanks of the churchills, and bail both of the active ones.

The Crusader II navigates around a building, and knocks out a panzer III L with a flank shot.

The first panzer falls to a 2 pounder.

One of the churchills remounts. The other fails to unbog. 3 6 pounder shots bail one of the Ns, but otherwise do nothing.

On the right flank, the F2s continue blasting the motor infantry, who've now taken several casualties. One 25 pounder battery has also been run off to casualties from the panzers. The Panzer III Ls shoot at the Crusader II but miss the mark.

The Panzer III Ns again blaze away into the churchills' flanks. They double bail the previously bailed tank, who passes the morale check. It also bails the commander, putting all 3 out of action again.

One Churchill remounts, but fails to so much as scratch the Panzer III Ns

The Panzers resume their bombardment of the motor infantry. Veteran gone to ground infantry is difficult to dig out with shooting, however.

Continued fire from the III Ns finally take out one of the churchills.

The churchills withdraw, and knock out a Panzer.

The Panzer IIIs in turn withdraw.

The panzers on the right flank grow impatient and move towards the town.

Fire again rains down from the 25 pounders, and fails to do anything to the German tanks.

The churchills follow the Panzer IIIs and with combined fire from the crusaders, knock out 2 more Panzer IIIs. The Platoon leader and The CiC escape down the other side of the hill.

The remaining Panzer III Ns race forward to engage a Crusader.

The Panzer IIIs knock out the crusader, running the platoon, but lose another to the pursuant churchills. The first German platoon is destroyed.

Continued fire from the 25 pounders finally knocks out a Panzer IV.

The Humbers stalk the panzers.

King of the hill.

The Chuchill blazes away at the Panzer IIs, but poor firepower fails to score kills- just bails.

The Motor Infantry rushes forward, to assault the Panzer III Ls.

Sticky bombs claim the German tanks, but also a few "own goals".

Burning panzers.

The Churchill follows the panzers, who move into the Oasis.

The CiC knocks out 2 of the Humbers, knocking out the 3rd British platoon.

The remaining panzers crash through the wall and surround the battered British infantry. More HE shells score another kill. The remaining motor infantry flee, knocking out the 4th British platoon.

The 2 remaining Panzer IVs push deep into the British territory.

The skies are black with burning tank smoke.

At this point, both companies are at exactly half. The game now rests on a duel between the 2 remaining Panzer IVs (one more loss will force a check), and the last remnants of the 25 pounders (2 guns) on the hill. The IV F2s open up first, failing to score any hits.

The Churchills hold an objective, but are now too far away to engage the Panzer IVs.

Finally, a 25 pounder takes long range shots at the encroaching Panzer IVs, and knocks one out. This forces a morale check, which the IVs fail. Having no CiC, and now being below half, the German company is broken.

The British barely pull out a 4-3 victory.

Tom was running my preferred Panzerkompanie. Despite having no infantry or artillery, I think it's a very solid list. Highly mobile, and with plenty of models.

I also liked this British list- the Kingforce churchills are mean. This is the first time I've ever run churchills, and was definitely impressed. Also, sticky bombs are worth it, despite having a 1/6 chance of backfiring.

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