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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Easy Forest Tutorial

We were snowed in all weekend, and I was lucky enough to be able to fight off cabin fever and make some terrain. Due to crushing boredom, I was also able to get the wife to help! I made a tutorial to show just how easy this is.

Read on to see the tutorial!


First you'll need a paintbrush and some green paint. Latex house paint is preferable, but all I had available were a few large pots of acrylic.

You'll also need hairspray and flock. The large tube of Woodland Scenics green grass works well. It covers a good area as well. I bought two, but haven't even used a quarter of one tube on tons of forests.

Don't use up all the hairspray on your hair! It's for sealing the flock.

And lastly you'll need a good deal of felt and scissors. The scissors we had available sucked, get some good ones. You won't regret it.

Green paint and paintbrush

Step One: Cut the felt to shape.

Step Two: Apply the paint. Again, easier to do with latex house paint.

Step Three: Spread the paint. Make sure to get the edges, but it's okay if you leave a few spots.

Step Four: Shake the flock on.

Step Five: After the paint has dried, shake off the excess flock. We used an old pizza box, and wound up recovering at least half of all the flock- like I said, it goes a long way!

Step Six: Use the spraypaint to seal the flock.

Step Seven: Enjoy!

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