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Monday, December 21, 2009

Painting for December 2009


First of all, thanks to everyone who'se been following this blog. I've had so much bandwidth transfer from people looking at pictures that I've had to upgrade my Photobucket account. True, I don't let people looking have much choice (thumbnails annoy me) but it's still flattering!

Here's some stuff I've painted recently. I've also finished up some Mid War British Rifles, and Late war Nebelwerfers, but I was too lazy to pull them out.

The begleit are mounted on plastic cut from the blister packs they came in, fit to the back of each individual stug so they can be easily removed.

The Commander

Plenty more after the break


First zug

Second zug

Third zug (at twilight?)

3rd Zug again

The whole battery


One more time

Mounted Panzergrenadiers

Captured transport


Dismounted 2

Kingforce Churchills.


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